Dear gearbox, TPS and BL2 connect-play

Hi, i am a very satisfied player with this series. it has taken up well over 200 hours of my life in just BL2 alone and around 50 in BL1. I’m really starting to get into TPS now, and i already love it, but i think that if you connected the two games via a time portal or something that it would be a great improvement to two already spectacular games. for one, between both games there would be a lot of diversity to builds of all 12 characters. and 2 it would in courage players to play both rather than being glued to BL2, which would encourage prospects of BL3. and 3 i really think the community would love it just as much as i would, given that this isn’t the greatest of reasons i also don’t think it would tale more than 2 weeks at most due to the fact that I’m pretty sure they run on the same engine(though correct me if I’m wrong). if you have read all the way through this, then thank you for giving me that courtesy. if your not gear box personnel then please share this until this reaches them. thank you.

The only problem with this is that it would drastically increase the memory used by the game while running. I’m not sure it would even be possible on console?

well with the handsome collection you already can have both games downloaded, i do, so the only memory that would need to be taken up is the actual patch. the only issue would be connecting the two games being that they are two different processes. honestly they could just let characters and their gear transfer in a not-in-game manner, and i wouldn’t complain.

But you’d still have to load a bunch of data into memory from both games, because you’d also have to take into account the different weapons, heads, skins, cryo and slag element behaviour, Oz kits, … I’m just not convinced that this could be done without severely pushing (or exceeding) the memory allocated to the game by the system. Most games already push memory and graphics limits as hard as possible.

It would also kind of break the story of each game. While I agree it would be fun to use characters from one game in another, the broken story would actually bother me enough that I don’t think I’d want to do so.

well, like i said the two games run on the same engine, and all slag or cryo or any gear is are operations, so if you modded in a gun with slag into the pre-sequel it would do the same thing as it does in borderlands 2. memory wise, it wouldn’t do much because memory isn’t a very big “thing”. i’ve never seen reserved memory for a game above 100mb. lore wise, they could easily bs their way through it, such as the reason that nisha is able to kill herself in the future is because she doesnt like what kinda person she became and doesn’t want that to happen to her in her future. the only thing left is Oz kits, and i dont know how they would work that other than make them do certain things like regular ralics and whenever you enter bl2 the Oz part is taken away. and i know this seems like a decent amount of work but it would probably take 2-3 weeks of work but i would totally be willing to pay 5 or 10 dollars for this.

The problem is though, the scaling. In TPS it is alot softer.
BL2 toons would break TPS wide open if this would be done. And TPS toons have trouble dealing with BL2 enemies.

That and the guns from BL2 still not available legitimately in TPS, because they would also break things badly.

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