Dear Orendi players, does anybody among you ever uses Instant Gratification?

You know, that helix that makes your Shadowfire Pillar instant, but it now tickles instead of dealing damage.

Anybody ever uses it? I tried it once in a pve, and it felt like I voluntarily handicapping myself. This new instant cast doesn’t justify how little damage it deals at all, especially if we take into account the fact that two other helixes on the same level increase the damage of default shadowfire pillar even further.

Now, I could understand, for example, if with -50% damage, it would get +50% cooldown rate, but in the current state I don’t see myself or anyone else leveling that helix in any situations, especially considering how useful it’s alternatives are by themselves and in comparison.

No, I have never taken it and will never take it in its current state. Given that Shadowfire Pillar’s cast time is not too long as it is, I simply cannot justify halving its power. It doesn’t help that Shadowfire Pillar is Orendi’s best ability.

short: nope, never have, never will

No… never

Actually it’s not 50% less dmg but +/-66% as with “Preamble of pain” and “Encore” you will deal 300+150=450 or 300+180=480 with gratification you only deal 300/2=150
Because you already loose 50% more dmg by not taking “Preamble of pain” or “Encore” but you also loose an other 50% dmg by taking “Gratification”. -66% dmg on an helix is too much, even if the pillar is a lot more easier to use, it’s not worth.
If it was -25% instead of -66% i would maybe consider taking it.

I tested it once in private and i think there is a bug with “Shadowpillar”. if you cast “Shadowpillar” with “Gratification” only one pillar will deal less dmg, all the other will be instant and deal 100%. But it’s not worth to take it and wait lvl 10 to use it with your ult.


I think the problems are largely positioning in the helix. First off, its a crutch ability, something that has a low floor and low ceiling in terms of skill, but it’s a mutation, meaning players have to learn her before they can even use it, which by then they likely have learned enough of her to land shadowpillers at least semi reliably. The other is that its determent is amped up due to being on the level which has not one but TWO damage boosting alternatives, making not only strip damage, but also give a massive missed opportunity. If they moved it to a different tier so that it wasn’t mutually exlusive with Encore/preamble, I think it could work as is, but other wise, I don’t think the damage penalty works.

Precisely! So, basically you’re cutting out 150 damage, when you could be adding that much to it.

I use it in pvp occasionally (depends on game mode and enemy team). it’s good for killing low health Battleborn that are trying to run away. plus if you put in the right helix upgrades and enough skill damage it does the same amount of damage as it would have originally and easier to hit since you don’t have to predict enemy movements.

No, never. Its one of her most useless augments in my opinion.

I remember thinking ‘gee, I wish there was a way to instantly detonate shadowfire,’ as soon as I saw that I had unlocked this mutation called ‘instant gratification,’ I thought it would be too good to be true.

Never plan on using it. Ever.