Death By Eridium - really, death

When grouped (and only when I’m grouped) I sometimes get blown completely off of maps and die as a result of trying to break Eridium deposits. You mele the Eridium, you go flying. And unless there’s a wall or object behind you (and not always then) you are ejected from the map completely. I have three videos captured. It has happened both with my Moze and my Fl4k. I may post the video if I get around to uploading them to youtube.

(Frankly, the video would add nothing, eat bandwidth, and only entertain those with short attention spans and a thirst for watching video game characters die horribly from the unexpected. Which possibly does have it’s merits now that I type that all out.)

Edit: As I was replying to this it came to mind I HAVE had this happen once while playing solo. If you’re really curious, it’s posted a bit further down. Just a note, this is not necessarily co-op play only. Just a lot more prevalent for me in co-op not as the host.

I kinda really wanna see this now :joy:

I gotta say, it is kinda interesting to watch an entire map zip past and then see the ENTIRE THING as you fly/fall unendingly to your death.

Unlike instances where you fall through the map, forever, this kills you. So you don’t have to exit the game. You just loose your cash and say an equivalent value of cuss words.

I really want it to happen, I have too much cash so I don’t care if I die lol. Does something set it off? Like do you run at it or a certain angle or something? I want to hit it hard enough I fast travel to sanctuary from Eden 6 lol.

I’m uploading it to Xbox, I’ll share as soon as it finishes. (My Fl4k, hours ago)
I’d hate for your curiosity to not be sated :wink:

I have no idea what causes it. Happened just a few hours ago to my Fl4k. It’s happened I don’t know how many times over the last two weeks to my Moze. Most of the time you are “fortunate” enough to have a structure of some sort at your back and you only get thrown a “short” distance. I think I have two videos I captured with her. (Some of those have been nearly spectacular, comparatively.) It’s only in co-op when I’m not the host. So far.

As I type this though it HAS happened once before on Fl4K solo. The room on Carnivora with the red chest and all the Eridium clusters. It did it to me there once when I was farming Eridium during the week for the event. A family member was standing next to me and watching when it happened. At the time I thought it might have been because some of those clusters spawn again when broken, and thought it might have forcefully displaced me. Now, I’m thinking maybe not.

Sounds fun lol. You don’t need to YouTube it, I’ll check your xbox feed after work lol.

Even though I told it to upload before I finished typing the reply above, it still shows “Queued for upload”. Doing nearly anything with video on Xbox, my limited experience, is akin to conducting dental work through your anus… Sure, you really can get there from here. Enjoy!

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I swore I had made video clips of Moze, twice. Coming up empty. Enjoy the video of Fl4k in flight!

Fl4k goes flying - You can skip to 1:38 for the “good part”.

Ps. This was, unscripted.