Death by falling

Maybe I’m just nitpicking, and I’m not saying it’s a big problem, maybe just not being observant of the environment enough. The majority of my deaths so far have been due to falling if an enemy has pushed me back or if I’m not looking behind me occasionally. Anyone else experiencing frequent falling deaths or is it just me? :frowning:

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Just have some caution when close to map borders. Map awareness will help you keep both your feet safely on the ground. Unless your character can fly, of course :wink:


Some enemies rely on super huge melee damage to kill you.

Some abuse knock back.

And some has BS 1.5k damage bomb.

At least give them something to kill you :v

Oh I usually walk backwards as Miko, and I feel into the lava sometimes. It sucks, but I don’t think it’s unfair. I should have paid attention.
T’was funny though… At least, my team laughed about it loud enough. T.T

I have jump puzzles and the like. Fortunately, this game is not as bad as Borderlands TPS. I don’t know who had the idea to make it one giant jump puzzle where you can drop through a crack at any moment.

I refuse to have the barriers up when i play bowling, so i dont want invisible walls keeping me in on this game thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I got a kick out of derping and charging off a ledge with Montana in a pvp match (Luckily low level so it wasn’t a long respawn) on the section which tells you how you die it simply says MEEEEEE brilliant :smiley:

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Idea for new pvp game mode: replace everybody’s secondary attack with Montana’s lumberjack dash, place everybody on a small floating platform and play a bumper car death match.

Smaller characters have the advantage of speed, but are easily knocked around. Larger chars are slower but require a couple hits to get knocked down.