Death follows close visual bug [PC]

Death follows closed is currently bugged in multiplayer game if you are not the host of the game you won’t get the benefit.

So if you are host or you are playing alone this works fine.
We did try several different chars to host and 2 different zanes to join the games this was done online and on pc.

Update: We have done more testing in-game and this is only a visual bug for the joining zane all his skills works as it should but won’t reflect on the skill tree

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Question: are you positive you weren’t getting the effects but the menus weren’t showing it? Because I played as non-host with my friend and didn’t feel weaker than I do on my own.

ok i can’t confirm that so more testing needs to be done. For now it’s at least a menu error of showing it until effect confirmed.

Reason I ask is cause a lot of visual stuff doesn’t work while the skills still do…for instance, load Amara into another game…I can’t see my extra arms. But my reach is still long.

ok so we have now tested it out again. In-game it all works as i should giving extra shots and so on.
We both have the same time on kill skills so this seems to just be a fault in the ui what it displays.

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