Death mayhem modifier possible bug

I usually run the death modifier and it’s not too bad. However my pet pays no attention to it which is annoying, especially when using a red fang and gamma burst. I’m also farming katagawa jr and the death spawns pretty much on every clone. It shouldn’t spawn that often should it?

Its just random so theoretically it could spawn 20 enemies in a row.

There is also the bug that make it either untargetable, or misplaced as more than often my bullet just run through it.

I guess it is intentional, but it feels wrong to me, when Death first kills Iron Bear, then starts spinning around like crazy and then kills Moze as well. Shouldn’t Death disappear after destoying Iron Bear or is it meant to guarantee a FFYL for the player no matter what?

Some of the modifiers seem even more frequent and more annoying than they were when I stopped playing for a while. Laser Fare is happening at a much higher rate for certain. I still despise M 2.0.

That’s an issue with the hitbox. Try aiming for the teeth and you’ll usually hit. I’d also recommend using a Lob against Death because you are basically guaranteed to hit since the orbs are bigger than the target.

I tend to aim for other modifier, death huge healthpool is a pain.

I usually prefer to face buddy system, or daze and infused

Hell yes, the buddy system has to be one of the easiest ‘very hard’ modifiers!

Death…Its annoying that it cant be shot alot of times… It can spawn so much or go through walls it can be rediculous cuz u dont see it coming.

Shooting meelee buddy systems can be a pain in the ass cuz its always moving and small

I hate the modifiers.

Illl gladly take enemy health an additional extra 5000% at m10 over damn modifiers

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It would be nice if Ironbears targeting system or ties that bind targeted Death and or those annoying invulnerability drones. I don’t mind the modifiers but damn Ironbear, its a big floating skull, shoot the F#&$!er! Same with ties that bind, I mean it binds to the tink sentries, why not enemy drones or Supernatural flying skulls?

For some reason neither Auto Bear nor the Pets will target any mayhem spawn (laser flare, cryo orbs, buddy system, death). It can be quite annoying.

it’s a very hard modifier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Honestly, while it is annoying that it passes through objects, at least this avoids for it to get stuck inside walls blocking you like buddy drones do everytime.

I have been playing with the Death modifier with some initial annoyance…it is nice that it reloads all your mags, but still… Today, I found out if you run around long enough trying to avoid it, it seems to get weaker and then a single shot might take it down. Not sure if that was the intention, as I do not remember it being that way before the last update, but I do like it a bit better (if there is enough space to run around in).