Death of Moze continue

Well I was kinda hoping that this latest attack on Moze was an over site that happened unintentionally. I was informed that on another site reditt it was posted it was indeed intentional although we were told they was going to focus on issues more important then nerfing things that already worked . Well someone took this opportunity to take one more stab at Moze making once an awesome class who had the worst action skill in the game just about unplayable. Most of us ran her on mh3 after the first attack I dropped to mh2 today running some gear test in the 3000 i had to go to mh1 after a few deaths because I keeping running out of ammo / nades I dropped to no mh at all and still died at 4/5 4/5 the only regen i got was at the ammo dump between each round. So if the goal was to kill this class congrats.

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I would not go to an onofficial place for official information

Hey Everyone,
We realize one of the bug fixes on today’s patch notes has further reaching implications than it fully lets on.
** Addressed a reported concern with the Legendary grenade mod Quasar, where it was not counting towards the optional grenade kills objective in Slaughter maps

This was not intentional as they said here on the official patch notes.

Please continue the conversation there, we do not need additional topics on this.