Death1Cloud Needs a Team

About Me: I played Gears of War and Smite Competitively. I been to multiple tournaments for Gears of War. I’m naturally a competitive player. I play more DPS range characters. I’m looking for a team that works there way to the top not aims there way there. My Gamertag is Death1Cloud. Any other questions you can just ask away.

I’d like to give it a shot with people who actually do the objectives and win instead of going for kills for once. I main as milo and believe I do a good job but you can see for yourself. Just started playing Reyna today so it’s going to take awhile before I feel I’m good with her. GT DontPanic122112. Add me if you want to give it a try

I need a team. Im not recruiting for a team. The title says it all

Still looking