Deathless Artifact and Life steal nuisance

So I play Siren with phasegrap and soul sap, that returns health when you shoot the target, cool right? Well, not when the health goes to someone with the Deathless Artifact, for those who don’t know what deathless does, it brings your health to 1 and greatly boost shield capacity/ delay/ recharge

I understand that it prioritizes the person with the lowest health, but this hinders people who actually need health when its going to the person who cannot benefit from it at all. This isn’t top of the line issues that is already plaguing BL3, but thought i’d make this known at least?


Technically speaking i don’t think even changing it to the lowest percentage person would work. The Deathless artifact doesn’t change your max health; it simply lowers your health to 1, so your max health would still be whatever; I.e. 1000. Which would put your health percentage at still the lowest. Most Likely. But, there is a thing that makes any healing you would get go to your shields instead. I used it on my Moze build, but I’m sorry I can’t remember what it is at the moment.

Cancel the part about gaining shields when you’re supposed to heal. I found it was a Moze Class Mod, so not won’t help with Amara.