Deathless Artifact Should have less health drops spawning

When using any artifact with the Deathless effect, health drops shouldn’t be common because you don’t need them! I keep opening ammo crates and getting all spots filled with syringes I’ll never use. Then I lack ammo to fight.

Any other says on this issue?

Given that a common pairing is Bloodletter (health restore beocmes shield, health regen becomes shield regen) the higher health spawn is a good way to keep shields up.

So I think the added vials are necessary, especially if you’re doing a BM/SoR Mzoe because you’ll probably not get Vampyr with that spread.

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Nope, really handy in a fight open a case back to full shields.

Currently using it for Fl4k , in a "tanky crit glass cannon"build ( best way to describe it at my understanding… ) any ideas , is there something I’m missing out on ?

Best I can recommend is find something else for FL4K.

I personally run a re-charger (instant recharge on shield break with cooldown) and Last Stand Otto Idol relic (short invulnerability when below 50% with cooldown and 18% health restore on a kill).

FL4K doesn’t have that many shield buffs so you may be better off playing into their other strengths.
Oh, and make sure it’s not a loot expander deathless, that increases all ammo, health and cash drops by quite a bit and in this case will flood you with vials. Not good for a non-bloodletter Deathless build as they’re wasted.


Re Charger is one of the best Bossing shields if your a reckless or extremely aggressive player like myself. Back Ham or Rico are also great shields.

is rico really that good? i heard it doesnt actually prevent damage, just they also take the reflected damage.

Deathless is really meant for 1 thing and that’s Moze’s Bloodletter. I’m not saying you can’t use deathless in other characters/other builds. You can. But, it’s nice seeing the shield bar always increasing. Every little bit helps. Also, I haven’t seen many deathless artifacts with hp regen. Out of the 7 or 8 I have maybe 2 that have hp regen.

Deathless IMO as mentioned I don’t feel is worth using at all outside of Moze on a Bloodletter build because of the way that class mod makes it possible for her to basically keep it up all the time.

Artifact wise I’ve been trying to hunt down an assortment of otto idol ones because of the effect of healing 12% health on each kill.

Can stop hunting… they dont exist, atleast not yet legitimately (otto idol deathless)

not an otto idol deathless. I’ve just been hunting otto idols in general for different prefixes and different rolls on the bonuses.

I noticed you meant them seperately after, wouldnt let me edit

I kind of miss those classic health regen shields we had back in BL1 sometimes lol. I think back then the regen was active even when the shield was broken. The ones that said very fast regen were quite noticeable and pretty much negated needing to ever pickup or purchase health packs.

Well , I tried . Dev’s said they wanted to see players make more unique builds . Seems like the gear we get is saying otherwise . Illusion of choice … Currently seeing if I can use a cryo Bitch , and a Cryo Otto Idol , so big crit dmg vs frozen . Seems effective in slowing down Maliwan troops .

Wouldn’t an ice breaker otto idol be better for this?

My Bad ! It’s an Ice Breaker Safeguard ! Although ground slamming is a little hard for Fl4k in all the chaos. Can’t find a good place to jump off . I DO have an Otto , but with a Cutpurse prefix . Where to farm legendary artifacts tho ?

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Yeah I tried a Last Guard Safeguard for a little bit but unfortunately you don’t always have option to slam when you need the damage reduction…

Otto Idol is a dedicated drop from Tyreen I think, but given how low dedicated drop rates are it’s probably better to farm a faster boss and try your luck with world drops.

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