Deathless artifact with Re-Charger Shield Bug

I had a cool build in mind for my Zane to give him some survivability. I’ve been using a Hoarder Re-Charger Shield to get the instant shield recharge when it breaks, on a 20 second cooldown. However, when I tried to pair it with my Deathless Artifact to get an extra +100% shield capacity, I felt like I was dying MORE, not less. So, I tested it out, and the Re-Charger perk does not work at all with the Deathless artifact. As soon as my shield is broken, I am downed, rather than getting my instant shield recharge. Please fix this, I’m already having a hard enough time with all of Zane’s buggy or underwhelming skills despite loving the character, and I thought I had finally found an interesting interaction that I could take advantage of with his shield regeneration skills. I’ll provide pictures of the specific shield and artifact, in case it is a glitch with these particular rolls.

I am having the same issue and I can’t get the artifact to combo with any shield that is supposed to refill when broken or give you 5 seconds of damage immunity on shield break

The problem is that the damage that break the shield also drop that 1 hp, so you are downed instantly. The deathless isn’t a good synergy with the re-charger…

I tried out my Deathless with a Front Loader and it was more impressive than I had expected. Also, I have possibly the worst Deathless you can get, Knife Drain Deathless. :confused:

I normally run Transformer on my L50 Fl4k pet-stalker and have 12k shield and 7k health.

With the Front Loader, I have 15k shield and 3k health. But if I toss on the Deathless, I go to 25k shield and 1 health.

Oddly the order you equip the items seems to matter.

For example, if I equip the Load Dice first, no shield, my health goes to 1933. Then if I equip the Front Loader, my health drops to 773, but my shield is only 11,741. But if I equip the shield first, I have 15,221 shield and 3093 health. Then I can put on the Loaded Dice and end up with 15,221 shield still, and 773 health. Then I logged out and back in, Shield was at 14,150 and health 773. So something funky is going on with the stacking of modifiers.

Not sure if it’s a display issue, bug, or what. Best results are to unequip the shield and artifact, then put on the shield first. I’d have to do more testing to see what’s really going on, and probably respec to clear any bonus health and remove my class mod.

TLDR; Equip Front Loader shield and then Deathless.

Just an update now that I have the Night Flyer. The recharger and stop-gap do seem to work with the deathless artifact, but as @luizzambrota pointed out, you’re most likely going to take more than that final bit of damage to break your shield. With the Night Flyer, you can’t deal lethal damage, so I was able to take the shield down, but not kill my opponent. recharger immediately filled the shield and the stop-gap provided immunity. But in real combat, whatever damage breaks your shield most likely will deal at least 1 more point to you.