Deathless, Loaded dice and more for trade, need Rain firestorm

In need of Rain firestorm have good stuff to trade whit.

PSN: Giants_Bane86

I have a rain firestorm grenade. Do you have a rope a dope amara class mod or annoited face puncher?

Sorry but if I find them I sure make a trade whit you

You still have the grenade? The hotfix broke it but i want it anyway… If you still up for trade

I’ve got a firestorm that is rain+singularity if you’re interested. Looking for solid version of Executor (Zane), Bounty Hunter and DE4DEYE (FL4K), and Breaker (Amara, +melee damage required) mods.

I have a Rain Firestorm I’ll trade for a legendary artifact with +magazine size, not sure what else I want on it so if you have any, I might be willing to trade.