Deathless Moze + Monarch Question

Im building a Deathless Moze build using the 50% hp 150% radiation damage anointment with things like the monarch i’ve noticed that its way easier to maintain ammo (runnign the ammo regen build too) on a X4 Monarch than a X8 monarch but its way less DPS. What do people feel is the better option? the X4 or the X8? is the hugely increased ammo use worth it for the extra DPS? im struggling to decide and would like second opinions thanks.

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Me personally, I’m all in…I’ll take the x8 if it means more damage.

Since reloading was too slow and happened too often, I got a COM and artifact that both gave me reload speed to compensate.

But that’s just me…if you wanna shoot longer without reloading x4 is def better

I just thought i can just throw on a cutpurse through a fishslap or 2 and get all my happen back anyway so i’d probably be okay regardless so im probably gonna go all in with the x8 just not 100% sold yet.

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this is the deal …

On M10, max splash damage moze running exclusively yellowcake with Transformer, Storefront, Mind sweeper and Deathless = complete and total destruction and nothing else even comes close. Anything else is just trying different stuff out because you’re bored of killing everything so fast.

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Swap your transformer for an IB nova anointed frozen heart.

And I’d run a recurring Hex instead of a stormfront, but that’s horses for courses.

Take full advantage of Matched Set and Iron Bank, get mag size on your artifact at least, and also on your class mod if you can. The higher the mag size, the more ammo regen you can get with Redistribution and Forge. Then go with the x8 version. Maybe look for a Cutpurse Launch Pad to use when you need ammo.