Deathless urad purple tree build and first impressions

Here are my first impressions of my urad deathless build based around the red and purple skilltree.

First my skilltree:

As an action skill I use rakk attack to proc my ASE annoints all the time. As augmentations I use extra rags and cryo rags to apply cryo. I use the warloader as a summoned pet because it can throw the equipped grenades.

The red tree is pretty standard for megavore builds. In the blue tree I invested just enough points to get to 5/5 in frenzy and 1 point in he bites.

In the purple tree the only offensive skills for fl4k are the combination of throatripper and monkey do so I maxed them. Fuzzy math is really great at keeping the shields up and capacitance can have a 100% up time with rakk attack. I’m not sure if I should invest points in success imminent, the nova ability, because the war loader stays at a long range so it would be mostly useful for fl4k.


Because it’s a urad deathless build the artifact choice is easy. I use an atom balm deathless artifact to boost the radiation effect from the annointment.

I use a radiation old god to boost the radiation damage even more. It has an shock ase annointment.

I use a mitosis hunter seeker. The war loader throws the grenade you have equipped and with the hunter seeker activating megavore it activates fuzzy math and seems to activate monkey do! but I would have to test it more. I would use a corrosion ase annointment but currently only have a incindiary annointment.

Class Mod:
I use a bounty hunter with bonuses to jakobs weapons.

Obviously the weapons should have a urad annointment.

The hellwalker is obviously a really great weapon and with the annointment it’s even better. I barely used a different weapon so far because it’s just OP at the moment.

The flipper is also pretty good and deals a lot of damage.

A rowan’s call is not great but I think that’s just the rowan’s call in general.

I’m still farming for a urad maggie but I think that it will also be a pretty good choice.

I think everything with a lot of pellets are pretty good with activating fuzzy math and staying alive. So a lightshow, a monarch etc. should all work pretty well.

First impressions:

The effect of capacitance is additive to the deathless bonus and the mayhem modifier so when activating the action skill you only get the base shield capacity to a total of ~300% shield capacity and not 400% capacity.

Apparently fuzzy math is supposed to have an internal cooldown but the cooldown seems to be pretty low. It won’t activate more than once with a shot of a multi pellet weapon but it’s still really really good for a shield based build.

The damage seems to be a little bit lower than a rakk attack build with the green tree instead of the purple tree but the survivability of this build makes up for the lower damage. It shines when mobbing and is also pretty good against bosses. For bosses only I would probably still recommend a fade away build but this build wrecked the maliwan takedown. I’m sure part of that is the change to enemy weapons but I only went down 2 times and I played recklessly running up to enemies and shooting them in the head with the hellwalker like the doomslayer .

For some weird ass reason, the War Loader’s grenades hit for MILLIONS of damage. Im guessing War Loader grenades double dip and get mayhem grenade and mayhem environment scaling.