Deathmark Glitch changing from 80% to 20%

i dont know why that happens, but sometimes deathmark changes from 80% back to 20%.
if i restart the game or reload the game it changes again from 20% to 80%. this is kinda annoying but i hope its getting patched soon ^^

or is there any ways to fix it for my own?
does that also happen to you guys watching this thread?

Sounds like you’re intermittently losing the hotfix that does the job until the next full update. Not sure why you would lose the hotfix though, unless you’re starting the game without an internet connection periodically?

i dont have any connection problems since iam playing coop almost every day with good friends of mine without any problems. but it also changes when iam reselecting the character.

When you do that, do you go all the way back to the splash screen, or just the main menu?

to the main menu.

It’s possible that something is happening when you switch character. See if you can catch the little messages that pop up when the game loads the character. Make sure they’ve all gone through before you launch your session or join someone else’s. I think you may be able to force a re-download of the hotfix by going back to the splash screen and hitting the relevant button or key (“start” on 360).

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looks like it happens rarely right now, but it happened sometimes before. idk why that happens but it guess it was a connection problem.

anyways, thanks for the fast reply.

No problem. Keep slicing and dicing!