Deathmark plus Kunai have been nerfed back to 20%

As the title says. If it was intentional, I don’t want this darn patch anymore. Why would you do this…?

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Please tell me that this isn’t true D:
This might singlehandedly kill any reason for me to revive my Zer0.

It’s true, unfortunately:


Not happy with this. Thanks for sharing this though.

Edit: taking the liberty to notify @JoeKGBX and @Jeffybug


Damn- and I just got my Zero to Sanctuary on his all OP8 run- this could be bad…

Was about to take a Zer0 OP. Think I’ll hold off on that, though…

Back to 20%? I thought it was always a 20% increase in damage. What was it before?

it was twenty percent per kunai thrown, but now, anything that has deathmark just gets twenty percent. for example, if you threw four kunai at an enemy, you would get an eighty percent boost pre patch, but post patch you only get twenty


Wow, I have a bajillion hours on my Zer0, by far my most played character, and somehow I never knew that. I was just playing on him too. Thanks, I guess that does suck then.

Yup, and it’s a multiplicative bonus.

One aspect of this situation worries me: when the combo was broken for the first time, we couldn’t apply the Dethmark to multiple targets and max. Kunai bonus was only 20%. After the hotfix, we were back to max. 80% and multiple targets. Now, it’s applicable to multiple targets, but it’s only 20%.

I would have though the team just didn’t include the hotifix in the permanent patch, by an error, but… Kind of worried right now.

It’d be weird if it was intentional though, considering they didn’t mention anything in the patch notes about kunai or zero specifically.

They should fix it with a permanent patch.

Does anyone know yet whether this was intentional or not? I just can’t imagine why they would cripple Zer0 this badly at the same time they helped out Maya…

More than likely it was by accident because when they intentionally nerfed kunai 2 years ago they said so in the patch notes, but they didn’t say it this time. It’s also not the first time something was messed up from a patch.

Please undo at least this change, Zer0 is definitely not “more in line” with other characters now.

I also hope that Gearbox addresses this issue soon. It has really affected how lethal I am as zer0. The change especially hurts as a melee build. It is significantly harder to maintain long Many Must Fall chains.

Hopefully this was unintentional. Definitely enjoyed the game more with 80% kunai boost.

OK, so nobody actually knows. Should we report it as a bug? :slight_smile:

I would be rather disappointing if we aren’t going to get any communication about a change that was controversial the first time it happened and now has been reintroduced with no comments.

That’s not a bad idea actually