Deathmatch mode yet?

(Lemieux) #1

Now that Overwatch FINALLY got a Deathmatch mode will Battleborn FINALLY get a Deathmatch mode?

Honestly I do despise Overwatch and will never buy the game but gave up on Battleborn due to it being a MOBA only multiplayer and NEVER bringing Deathmatch mode to the PvP.

Deathmatch would bring me back and really believe lot of other players as well.

(BM tutor) #2

Just play capture and face off? Also, I doubt much else will get added/changed in the game. There’s too little return on investment at this point.

(CTT | Beta | Firstborn | Founder | Savior of the Universe) #3

Can’t wait to see Miko vs Montana.

(PSN LucastheUniverse) #4

Yeah as nova said Faceoff and Capture are too like TDM for them to make a mode like that. Plus, that’s really not what this game’s about.

We don’t really wanna give Attikus MORE power, do we?


I’d want one, since i think it would be picked just as often as incursion. Capture/Face-off are hardly options, and usually go unpicked.