Debating purchase, but saw this. I have very slow, rural internet. Can anyone confirm or deny?

I have only 1.34Mbps upload speed, and a streamer on Twitter has evidence that it takes minimum 2Mbps to play. Can anyone confirm if this is true?

If nobody can confirm or deny this, then what platform would be my best option to buy the game, then refund if I’m unable to play it properly?

They claim you can play it completely offline. There is even a LAN option for multiplayer. I haven’t testing this though.

buddy I am playing with only has .5 Mbps down and .1 Mbps up.

He plays fine.

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Believe that means you need that much to play online, not in general. You can play offline but if you want to play with friends, it might still be okay… just wont be as smooth for you.

Online not working for me at all. Tried to join about 30 games so far. I have 10 down and 15 up.

Nothing for me. Waste of money, I wanted to buy this just for online coop.

Ive played with multiple friends no issues, havent tried matchmaking though

I’m on xbox one and faster internet.

Multiplayer has been working fine for me.

Also, you should be able to play 100% offline on pc.

Here is a source:

and another:

" … but much as with previous Borderlands games you can play entirely solo if you want. Continuing the series’ trend, though, the game is much more fun when you’re blasting bad guys and looting crazy new guns alongside friends."

and this thread goes over how to do it. Seems people have success by turning off their internet connection while launching EPIC or the game?

and here is my google search:

I’m not a fan of DRM. The EPIC launcher is kind of a bummer. If you wait you can get it on steam and I guess that will be easier to deal with.