Debries do not disappear while colected

Hi i have problem with debries, they did not disappear after docking.
You know this issue is from begining and it is crusial for me to be fixed, because everytime when i am watching this i have bad feeling about the game.
Anyway in Patch 2.0 has been disabled rendering for debries with 0 RU. However in my opinion this is not the fix what we wanted to have.
We wanted to remove that object from map and clean up the memory, The problem still persist because it was not been fixed, it has been hiden.
However This hiden debries can still Cast shadows on other ships, they can be selected by mouse cursor, you can focus camera on them And lastli They are visible in Sensor manager.
Can we try to fix this problem again, it annoyng me so much everytime when i am watching this.



Post these in the HWRM MP Beta sub-forum (which is about to be renamed), and it will eventually go on a bug/change list.