December 17, 2020 - Godfall Update 2.3.15 (Updated)

Godfall - A Peek into the Future

Having just crossed one month since the launch of Godfall, on behalf of Counterplay Games, we extend a heartfelt thank you for those who have played, enjoyed, and supported Godfall.

Seeing Godfall in your hands this year is a dream come true, especially in light of a challenging 2020 for all of us.

In the last few weeks we’ve pushed 5 updates with the immediate goal that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience, focusing on stability and performance.

Though this goal remains true moving forward, our team’s attention will now focus on delivering fresh content for you to experience!

In very early 2021, we plan to launch a free Content Update called the Primal Content update with more challenging content to test your mettle! Additionally, there will be a way for you to progress and improve your character even after reaching max level.

More exact details will come at a later date, and we look forward to sharing this feature set as we progress through development. From the beginning, we remain true to our word that Godfall is not a live-service title replete with in-game microtransactions or seasonal passes.

For this current update, we’ve delivered more than a dozen QoL improvements (including mass salvage), a swath of bug fixes, and listened to your requests to rework and finetune the player input buffering.

As we sprint into 2021, we will continue to strive for excellence so you can have a truly enjoyable experience. At the same time, the team will be hard at work on delivering the next Content Update and Expansion as planned, along with even more quality of life improvements.

We appreciate and thank you for your invaluable feedback and support. We’re very excited for the future of Godfall, and we hope that you’ll join us in this journey together!

Keith Lee
CEO, Counterplay Games

Godfall Update - 2.3.15


PC: 11:00am EST (8:00am PST)
PlayStation 5: 11:00am EST (8:00am PST)


General – All Platforms

  • Mass Salvage is now in the game!
    • Players can now tag gear with a Salvage or Favorite mark
    • Gear currently equipped on a Valorplate continue to be Locked
    • Gear with a Favorite or Locked tag cannot be salvaged
    • Gear with a Salvage tag will be disassembled when you choose to “Salvage All”
  • Solved an issue where Amulets, Rings, Charms, and Augments’ Secondary traits were not increasing when upgraded to Rank 3. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an issue where Secondary Traits would not upgrade properly when upgrading the item to Rank 5.
  • Solved various issues that could cause hitches and stuttering.
  • Included reminder name text on Tower of Trial icons. :crossed_swords:
  • Included a Field of View slider.
  • Solved an issue with input buffering where buttons held (ex: Weapon Technique, Blocking) would not register properly.
  • Increased the windows of opportunity to buffer the use of a lifestone during combat animations.
  • Updated the way the game handles Input Buffering - read more from our Developer Commentary, posted as a reply at the end of the patch notes!
  • Improved framerate issues when using an Archon Fury that summons Sentinels.
  • Solved an issue where Archon Fury damage effects were not accurately displaying the correct values.
  • Solved an issue where Lunara’s AoE Grab would cancel the player’s Archon Fury early.
  • Certain boss encounters were updated - read more details about this after the Developer Commentary!
  • Improved Weapon Technique HUD to include a visual flourish when a bar is full. :crossed_swords:
  • Increased tracking/rotation on all weapons. :crossed_swords:
    Shoutout to all the Greatsword users who were having a hard time landing hits where they aimed.
  • Solved an issue that allowed enemies to parry a player’s Weapon Technique attacks.
  • Solved an issue where Light and Heavy Timing Attacks were dealing incorrect (and lower) damage.
    • Light and Heavy Timing Attacks were dealing the same damage as the weapon’s Light Attack
    • Damage for the timing attacks now correctly scales with its corresponding attack and its +20% bonus
    • Example Numbers: LA = 100, LTA = 120. HA = 150, HTA = 180
      Where previously, all (Light and Heavy) Timing Attacks dealt 100.
  • Solved an issue where the game could crash when attempting to use Weapon Techniques while doing a Charged Heavy Attack.
  • Updated the Rank 3 Finesse Skill to allow players to throw projectiles with every quick turn.
    • Previously the Quickturn attack would only trigger when the stagger effect was off cooldown.
    • Now every Quickturn will throw daggers regardless if the stagger effect is available (and apply stagger when off cooldown).
  • Solved an issue where leveling up would not fill Weapon Technique or reset Shield Cooldowns.
  • Solved an issue where players could get knocked down when performing a Weapon Technique
  • Solved an issue where Leaping Shield Bash scaled off Might (instead of Spirit) when performed using your Secondary Weapon.
  • Solved an issue where using the Longsword’s Northern Technique during a level up would make the HUD permanently disappear.
  • Solved an issue where spamming attacks during a Longsword’s Southern Technique could bypass the Timing Attack window.
  • Solved an issue where the Dual Blades Charged Heavy Attacks would not trigger reliably.
  • Solved an issue where the final hits of the Dual Blades Charged Heavy attack would not register.
  • Solved an issue where Polearm Heavy Timing Attacks would not benefit from the Timing Attack Skill’s Rank 5 damage bonus.
  • Solved an issue where Polearm Heavy Timing Attacks would not trigger Soulshatter damage.
  • Solved an issue where the Polearm’s Heavy Timing Attack would not consume Rampage to deal +500% damage.
  • Included colored health states on a player’s name tag for multiplayer.
    This also includes a flash indicator for whenever a player is hit.
  • Solved a multiplayer issue where abandoning a Dreamstone activity as a follower would create a placeholder mission in their holomap.
  • Solved a multiplayer issue where voice lines could overlap for party members during cutscene transitions.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer Tower of Trials where attempting to open a locked chest with insufficient keys would prevent the player from interacting with other objects on the same floor.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where a player could lose the use of their Interaction Button when trying to open a chest at the same time as another player
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where Solaris’ shield bar would appear full to someone who died despite whatever damage the shield sustained.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer when fighting Solaris shield bar would not update until it was fully broken or recharged.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where button prompts would linger after completion if the player spammed the interaction key.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where dodging Lunara’s AoE Grab would cause the player to levitate in the dodge’s direction.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where the loot was capped at Tier 40 in certain game modes instead of scaling to the missions tier.
  • Solved various multiplayer crash issues due to desyncs.
  • Updated Dreamstone Boss Gauntlets to withhold loot until the final midboss is defeated.
  • Adjusted the animations for Kraven’s “stop” cycles.
  • Adjusted the animations for Sunflare Ravager’s Takedown finisher so it doesn’t dramatically ragdoll after death.
  • Adjusted the animations for the Shield so it will snap in place after blocking a heavy hit.
  • Adjusted the animations to the Arcing Shield Throw to include more body/shoulder weight behind the throw.
  • Adjusted the animations to the Longsword light attack combo so it feels less floaty.
  • Adjusted the animations to the Vargul Warrior’s “battle cry” and “walk” cycles.
  • Adjusted the animations to various Abyssian enemies suffering from stutters in their “walk” cycles.
  • Removed the 250ms animation delay on equipment hover. Traits will now display immediately when the stat card is pulled up. :crossed_swords:
  • Solved an animation issue where getting grabbed by Zamora while near her sides would cause the player to float (instead of being in her hand).
  • Solved an animation issue where Grieves Sunsteel’s Hammer would swing wildly when he places it down to throw a fireball.
  • Solved an animation issue where Grieves Sunsteel’s Lava Bucket would sway unrealistically during his Takedown animation.
  • Solved an animation issue where Nyak Adepts would appear to slide instead of walk properly.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where sometimes blocking a regular attack could lock the player in a repeating blocking animation loop.
  • Solved an issue that would cause all enemies of a group to animate in sync.
  • Solved an issue where immediately after placing a banner, the player is unable to animation cancel anything.
  • Solved an issue where the level up animation would cancel other animations and reset the camera location.
  • Improved Navmesh and spawn logic to prevent immobilized or otherwise nonresponsive enemies.
  • Improved visual guidance from Spirit Vision for Free Roam activities. :crossed_swords:
    • Red bonus objective beams have increased in size
    • A new particle effect was included to guide players to the nearest beam
  • Included a confirmation screen when attempting to exit the game.
  • Included a confirmation screen when attempting to reset the Skill Grid. :crossed_swords:
  • Included a press-and-hold key safety when attempting to abandon a Dreamstone.
  • Included a prompt at the end of a Hunt Mission which allows players to choose between Free Roam or Return to Sanctum.
  • Included some emissive VFX to help inform players about objects of importance (such as Switches).
  • Increased player pickup radius responsiveness while sprinting (to avoid backtracking). :crossed_swords:
  • Increased the turn radius allowed during Super Sprint before breaking. Enjoy speedrunning through the realms!
  • Increased the amount of health on the Training Dummy.
  • Removed player collision from NPC summons. :crossed_swords:
  • Removed the “I CANNOT BE STOPPED” line from Macros’ dialogue options while he’s below 40% health to prevent ironic death quotes.
    (You will fall, and you will fail Macros!)
  • Removed the press-and-hold interaction for gathering nodes so they can be collected with one button press.
  • Solved an issue in Free Roam where the Timing Posts from Chest Puzzle events could spawn on multiple floors if they were located inside a building.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where the second hit of the Polearm’s light combo would not deal damage if performed too quickly.
  • Solved an issue where “Full Health” effects (like those found on the Red Dragon Tail Polearm) would not function properly.
  • Solved an issue where a crash could occur when fighting Sunflare Ravager during the Shrine of the Godsmith mission.
  • Solved an issue where adjacent augment bonuses were not displaying on the other augments’ stat cards.
  • Solved an issue where ailment UI timers on the player (such as Burning) would continue to run while paused.
    Previously, you could pause the game to cause the debuff timer to expire despite it continuing to run for its intended duration.
  • Solved an issue where Ascendant versions of mid-bosses were dropping an increased amount of health globules.
  • Solved an issue where Azure Enclave would be inaccessible (through an inactive phase node) when entering Free Roam after playing a Hunt Mission in Floating Remnant.
  • Solved an issue where base and upgraded items rewarded the same amount of Electrum if salvaged.
  • Solved an issue where boss music would continue to play after the boss has been defeated.
  • Solved an issue where bosses would not show their Takedown interaction if they were breached beforehand.
  • Solved an issue where cinematics could double render character models.
  • Solved an issue where clearing enemies quickly with high latency could cause objectives not to appear.
  • Solved an issue where cloth weapon attachments would malfunction when re-entering a boss arena after dying.
  • Solved an issue where Cursed Chests could produce a blinding light in the Water Realm.
  • Solved an issue where Dreamstone versions of Solaris and Macros would not play unique combat music when engaged.
  • Solved an issue where dying to Phalanxar in the Tutorial could respawn you too far, and sometimes stuck in the air.
  • Solved an issue where elevator prompts could fail to appear, preventing further progression.
  • Solved an issue where enemy weapons would not disintegrate properly with their owners leaving residual VFX.
  • Solved an issue where Gilden Commander’s mist wall would not fill to fit the arena’s entrance.
  • Solved an issue where items without a fixed element could roll Secondary Traits of a different element when Enchanted.
  • Solved an issue where leveling up removed the VFX from loot on the ground.
  • Solved an issue where low tiered enemies could clash break with you, disrupting the combat flow.
  • Solved an issue where Lunara’s orbs are not rendered properly.
  • Solved an issue where opening the Difficulty Menu would always highlight Easy Difficulty.
    It will now highlight the currently set difficulty when opening the Difficulty Menu.
  • Solved an issue where placeholder geometry could be found under certain Valorplates furs.
  • Solved an issue where placing a banner could be canceled midway to proc traits from items while conserving the cooldown of the banner.
  • Solved an issue where player spawned projectiles (ex: from gear) would take strange flight patterns to reach their targets.
  • Solved an issue where players could attack and defeat Zenun during his rescue mission.
  • Solved an issue where players would jump to phase nodes they stood under instead of their targeted phase node.
  • Solved an issue where players could experience a considerable hitch when first opening the door to Exalted Lunara
  • Solved an issue where Polearms could be thrown to destroy targets through sealed doors, preventing further progression.
  • Solved an issue where purchasing all ranks of a skill caused some max rank skills to be partially reset on the next launch of the game.
  • Solved an issue where resources (other than Electrum) would not be summed up as a single item in the loot feed.
    Other resources will now show only once in your loot feed for their total amount acquired, just like Electrum.
  • Solved an issue where Sunflare Orbs could sometimes spawn outside safe zones, becoming inaccessible.
  • Solved an issue where Sunflare Ravager would not play its unique music when engaged in the Air Realm Gauntlet.
  • Solved an issue where the “X% Health Recovery while your health is below 25%” boons were providing the same amount of recovery.
    Previously, the 65/88/112% health recovery boons all gave 75% instead of what was described.
  • Solved an issue where the number of heal charges the Falcius Diarchs had would reset if they lost player aggro.
  • Solved an issue where the Brightness slider could not be moved to the left completely.
  • Solved an issue where the floating text “RECOVERY” would display over specific chests.
  • Solved an issue where the Leaping Shield Bash would not trigger Soulshatter damage.
  • Solved an issue where the player could be locked in an intangible state after performing a parry.
  • Solved an issue where the player could suddenly stop as soon as they enter Super Sprint.
  • Solved an issue where the Polarity Attack HUD would not update correctly after player death.
  • Solved an issue where the Rampage VFX weapon trails would not behave properly.
    • If a weapon was swapped, the offhand that did not trigger Rampage would not adopt the VFX weapon trails.
    • If the original weapon remained sheathed after Rampage expired, it would retain the VFX permanently.
  • Solved an issue where the Resistance skill node displayed an incorrect amount of Resistances granted by each Rank.
  • Solved an issue where treasure chests could respawn when party members drop out of the party.
  • Solved an issue where Vargul Champions may have no Takedown prompts, preventing further progression.
  • Solved an issue where Zamora’s cloth physics would go crazy and spaz out.
  • Solved an issue with the environmental wind strength not applying properly during the tutorial.
  • Solved an issue with the Lashing Reflection (Augment) where the damage increase was not applying at all.
  • Solved an issue with the Rank 5 Weakpoint Skill where the shockwave produced would reapplying damage modifiers, resulting in astronomical numbers.
    • Previously, the Shockwave would deal 50% of the original damage and stack on all modifiers (include weak point damage) again.
    • Now the Weakpoint Shockwave will correctly package 50% of the original hit’s total and only apply that damage as intended.
  • Solved various disappearing environment pieces due to LOD and/or View Distance drawing issues.
  • Solved various environment collision issues across the realms.
  • Solved various issues and glitches with boss introduction cinematics.
  • Solved various issues with missing VFX indicators on loot pickups.
  • Solved various issues with text strings not being translated from English to their appropriate language.
  • Solved various spelling and grammatical issues in several languages.
  • Solved various waypoint pathing issues that would briefly point players in the wrong direction during missions.
  • Solved various waypoint pathing issues that would point players to the furthest objective/enemy instead of the closest one.
  • Updated the Equipment screen to have Gear Comparison on by default.
    You can still toggle this option to view the weapon model.
  • Updated the holomap to include the currently selected difficulty.
  • Updated the Macros encounter so he can no longer preemptively channel corruption and stun players before they engage with him after they die.
  • Updated the previously confusing Rampage UI gauge - it will now appear in the player’s weapon UI. :crossed_swords:
  • Updated the SFX tied to spending skill points on the skill grid.
  • Updated the Skill Grid descriptions to match the player’s current/custom keybindings (instead of the default keys).
  • Updated the UI to display what materials were obtained from gear salvage.

PlayStation 5 Only

  • Solved an issue in multiplayer where accepting an invite on the Title Screen did not automatically transition the player into the game.
  • Solved an issue where all audio would be lost when resuming the game from Rest Mode.
  • Solved an issue where starting the game without an internet connection and then reconnecting would cause the player to load with a different character (if they own multiple characters).

PC Only

  • Included a Salvage shortcut for the keyboard (bound to Spacebar).
  • Included a Sprint Toggle option for mouse and keyboard.
  • Solved an issue where highlighting different augments with a controller and the mouse would render two stat cards at the same time.
  • Solved an issue where pressing the Escape key would close all the menus instead of backing out of the current sub-menu.
  • Solved an issue where stat cards would not update when navigating with arrow keys or the gamepad left stick after clicking back into the game window with a mouse.
  • Solved an issue where the Windowed Fullscreen setting was showing the wrong resolution.
  • Solved various issues where the incorrect mouse button icons are displayed in menus.
  • Updated mouse button RMB/LMB icons to better display the target button clicked. :crossed_swords:

Updates with a sword (:crossed_swords:) are based on player feedback collected from our various communities and through support tickets.

Please file a ticket on if you are experiencing any issues with Godfall or would like to provide feedback! Creating a ticket helps us track and monitor any issues creeping up from launch.

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Developer Commentary on Input Buffering:

Based on player feedback, we revisited our Input Buffering system. Let’s start by giving a rundown on what input buffering is and what our design philosophy around the feature.

We want the player’s input to be meaningful and intentional. So, once your character is committed to an action, you can’t immediately branch into other actions as you give input. For example, once you start an attack animation and press dodge, we don’t allow you to immediately cancel the attack and branch out into a dodge. This way, your actions have consequences. Choosing the right action for a given situation is part of the challenge that keeps combat interesting.

At the same time, we want your inputs to be respected by the game. So if you hold block just as an attack is ending, or you want to use a precious lifestone just as you’re getting up from being knocked down, the game shouldn’t ignore your input.

This is where input buffering comes into play.

Input buffering is a system that allows the player to make an input and queue it up during the current animation. Once the first animation completes, the input buffered action begins without the player needing to perfectly time the button press.

The player’s actions can be divided into two categories:

  • The Anticipation: when you prepare or charge up an action. Using the Warhammer as an example, this would be when you pull the weapon back in preparation for a swing.
  • The Action: when the energy of the action unleashes. Using the Warhammer example again, this would be the actual swing of the Warhammer.

Going forward, our guideline for input buffering is:

  • Input buffering is activated as the action of the animation starts, until the animation finishes.

We want the timing of button presses to still be part of the challenge of combat, which is why during the anticipation of actions, input buffering is inactive.

We’ve gone through the player animations and ensured this ruleset is being followed. For hit reactions, knockdowns, and enemy grabs we’ve added input buffering to their recovery windows.

The main exception to this rule are the timing attacks which can be unlocked in the skill grid. Timing attacks are meant to reward skillful play by having to wait for a timing window after an attack (indicated by the timing attack VFX flourishing on the weapon) and pressing the attack button during that specific window. Thus by design, you cannot buffer input into a timing attack (but you can input buffer during a timing attack).

In addition to this, we’ve also fixed a bug that prevented input buffering from working with held button inputs. This is why when holding block as you’re finishing an attack, it would not go into blocking afterward.

Finally, we’ve identified a number of actions that were not supporting input buffering properly. This is the current list of actions supporting input buffering:

  • Light Attacks for all weapons
  • Heavy Attacks for all weapons
  • Weapon Techniques for all weapons
  • Block
  • Parry
  • Weapon Swap
  • Polarity Attacks
  • Lifestone
  • Dodge
  • Quick Turn
  • Banner
  • Siphon
  • Sundering Slam
  • Shield Uppercut Timing attack
  • Shield Counterstrike
  • Shield Throw
  • Shield Bash
  • Spinning Blast
  • Shield Prime Reload
  • Charged Shield Throw
  • Arcing Shield Throw
  • Explosive Wave
  • Spectral Blow
  • Petrifying Slam
  • Primed Petrifying Slam

This should alleviate a lot of the input issues players have experienced but we recognize we can always improve our work to ensure you are getting the best possible experience out of Godfall. We will be monitoring feedback closely and are excited to hear what you think.


Detailed Boss Changes:

Gilden Commander

  • Personal HP increased by 25%
  • Air Rippler HP increased by 30%
  • Attack damage of most attacks increased by 15% - 20%
  • 4-Hit combo now has tracking on last 2 hits
  • Dodge chance increased
  • Now is allowed to attack through his team, which makes him attack more often


  • Beam Massacre now has recovery animation and displays a blue weakpoint during this recovery that, if struck, will stun Solaris
  • Beam massacre beam firing frequency reduced by 15% in Exalted and 9% in Ascended
  • Beam massacre shots will no longer target knocked-down players
  • Beam massacre will no longer be selected as an attack while Solaris’ shields are active
  • Beam massacre cooldown from 30s to 45s
  • Overload protocol (AOE explosion) cooldown changed from 10s-14s to 10s-20s.
  • Fist attack cooldown from 10s-14s to 6s - 14s
  • Story Solaris HP +6% in compensation for the additional recovery animation on beam massacre. No adjustment to dreamstone HP.

Nyak Summoner

  • Thunderstorm random lightning strike anticipation 0.6s->1.5s
  • Thunderstorm random lightning strike Cooldown 0.8s - 2.5s -> 0.8s -> 2.0s
  • Thunderstorm random lightning strike radius 150->175

Blacktide Brute

Designer note: The Brute + Shredder fight was designed for combat spaces with blocking obstacles that players could use to hide from Enforcer’s ranged spam. However, since players often fight this pair in spaces with no obstacles, the fight was much more difficult than intended. Brute should now be easier to juke, less punishing overall, more thematic with a stronger identity, and better when paired with Shredder.

  • Rethemed AOE attacks from fire to blades, deals physical damage instead of fire, no longer leaves behind burning DOTs, and has a 1.2x ailment damage multiplier
  • Brute now blocks Shredder’s projectiles with his body, providing cover to players
  • Perilous Stun duration from 3s to 10s (longest in the game)
  • Brute wakes up early from perilous stun if he takes 11% of his max hp in damage while stunned
  • Brute now has a rage attack that procs when taking 10% HP damage (this is less than the typical 18% HP)
  • Time Dilation -0.05 (back to default 1.0). This means Brute now moves/acts 5% slower.
  • Charging attacks have much less tracking and can now only hit with 1 weapon instead of both, reducing damage from 50 to 25. Cooldown from 8s to 8s-24s (Random)
  • Battlecry now only hits with 1 weapon instead of both, reducing damage from 50 to 25. Tracking severely reduced during release section - running in a straight line will get you hit if you don’t dodge, but you can now sprint left or right to AVOID the hit (without dodging). Cooldown from 0s to 6s-18s.
  • Significantly reduced tracking on regular melee swipe attacks and reduced damage slightly. Perilous strike cooldown from 6s to 6 - 14s
  • Jumping gap closer cooldown from 0s to 6s-18s.
  • S2 AOE Fire attack now instead only summons explosions in front of Brute instead of a large circle. Cooldown from 16s to 6s - 24s