December PvE Leaderboard - Algorithm

Hey all! To get a better handle on how a PvE tournament might be run, join me in playing Algorithm for the month of December!

Rules are pretty simple, you play Normal Hardcore Algorithm; it’s one person playing (the person who gets the score/goes on the leaderboard!), and one person who counts as the ‘mod’ for the purposes of a couple things -

The ‘mod’ will join the game with you (the player) and immediately kill themselves so that they can just be a spectator (fun fact: there’s a button to get rid of the death UI as a spectator, so it’s nicer for videos - it’s R1 on my end, which is my quick melee, if that matters). From what we’ve tested, the game still counts that as two-man difficulty (if the mod leaves the game it drops back to one-man difficulty), which is the MAIN purpose, but also because they should record it (there’s no single screenshot that would contain enough information to guarantee people aren’t cheesing- the game will still say two-player difficulty at the end screen even if only one player is in the match 90% of the game). Mods obviously shouldn’t help the player, so there’s that.

The final score is calculated as simply the total score at the end divided by the match time. So that’s score + bonus score, with that number being divided by time. For example: If you take 1 hour to complete the mission, and receive 70,000 match score and 30,000 bonus score:
(70,000+30,000)/60=1,667 (rounded to nearest whole number). So your score on the leaderboard would be 1,667 for the tournament. :slight_smile:

No legendaries since Kitru knows of an OP Ghalt build. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry! edit: there is a seperate scoreboard for legos, and i encourage you tou do runs for both with and without legendaries! :slight_smile:

And since I don’t have any official mods (as in i don’t care if your friend is the one recording) for this fun community leaderboard, I can’t enforce this, but please only try three times. Doesn’t matter if you change characters on different tries, but three tries should give you the chance to retry if you get a really bad roll on spawns. Pretty please? :slight_smile:

I have PS4 and PC, so I can mod for people on there all month, and Ace on the discord has volunteered to mod for pc as well (he can stream in addition to recording; bonus points! i can only stream during certain hours). :slight_smile:

Get your video posted and contact me (doesn’t have to be on the forums!), and I’ll get you added to the leaderboards! :slight_smile:

Spread the word! Tell your friends! Let’s get this going so we can do an actual tournament with prizes sometime!

edit: Ace has set up a twitch account for verified mods to stream from:

and ill be uploading vids to youtube for archival so everything is visible <3
ill get some google docs up and running asap too to keep track of all the data <3


in-game name - score - video link

  1. boston - 2353 -
  2. Kitru - 2275 -
    3.S_O_D_cd - 1100 -

No legendaries, huh? But all I have are legendaries! :dukesad: I’m still in, but I’ll have to see if I can get some good non-yellow gear before I try it. Oh, and I’ll need a “mod” to do the recording.


Hmm. I might be down, I know a very good non-legendary Marquis build for The Algorithm. Really depends on if I have time though, got exams coming up.

Cool idea though - gives it a bit of an extra challenge having the two-player difficulty.

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While I have no aspirations of being an expert PVEer (I do play it decently often but no master) I do want to know what this is. I’m guessing it involves symbiotic gauntlet and vigilant power scouter along with Vow of Zealous Fury but I’m likely off, although that is the highest DPS build I can think of

I’m gonna have Terrible scores but sounds fun! Good idea.

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hit me up and we can schedule a time, if you don’t have someone to more conveniently do it for you. <3

(im trying to quote multiple people per post on mobile and its not working, sorry for the post-response spam!)

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Really depends on if I have time though, got exams coming up.

That’s why it’s all December <3 A lot of folks are busy this time of year (it suuuucks!)

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The former two aaaaand, i think the stable executioner? Don’t quote me on that. He’s shared it on the discord multiple times and i still cant guarantee im remembering it properly. im a terrible person! lol

This took me months to figure out. You know the orange outline and blinking cursor that indicate that you’re currently typing? Make sure that’s still active, (for me at least, I press back to) remove the keyboard and see the text you want to copy, and then highlight to copy. As long as the orange light is up, you’re good

Ooh, thanks. Huh, I was a lot closer than I thought

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You know, I actually think PvE is exactly the place for legendaries so I’ll pass. Not that I’m a speedrunner anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


its mostly to prevent folks like kitru getting ALL the Quick kill timers, and speed running at the same time. id like a little more skill and luck involved lol

I might join. but recording wise it’ll be something that needs to be figured out.

So coming up with some “PvE meta” with the optimal builds isn’t skill? :frowning:

But what about the de-facto speed of mario…

lol, ghalt would become the only meta then XD, at least without those legos theres several other viable characters to compete for highest score, even if they can’t all get there (sorry dragon, rath, and kelvin for the last boss this month)

No rush. I have to wait until my bandwidth resets tomorrow night so I can do some pack farming for decent gear (I have some whites I use in PVP, but I’d rather have blues and purples for a no-legendary PVE run).

ISIC! :dukeego:

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I’m gonna be trying caldy again. i havent run solo in ages so i hope i still got it!

You all would color-me-impressed if you do it with anyone else, but I expect to see a lot of Ghalts and Marquis. Simply because they seem to be the only characters that can one phase ISIC with ease. But don’t let this stop you from trying other characters.

I’m tempted to do this but my best characters are all melee and ISIC would be horrible for me to deal with. Maybe some Benny action is what I need. I can solo 100 ops runs with him with ease and I don’t even use legendary gear with him.

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Marquis is definitely one for the Algorithm, but the other character I’ve found is great for it is Galilea. She can clear the top causeway at the very start (all the way up past the checkpoint) in about 15 seconds.

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Sadly, it does mean I can’t pick Phoebe. ISIC is such a pain for pure melee.