Decided to start with zane because

Two skill trees active at once.but I was wondering if people know his special attributes or preferred weapon style etc.thx

No preferred weapon style he’s good with anything, not sure what you mean by “special attributes”.

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Undercover- I see alot of skills that would be good for sniping in this tree, including 2 that increase accuracy, which reduces the sway of the sniper scopes in Borderlands 3 I believe. Another option would be to put your barrier in a corner and shotgun anybody who gets close to it, with the augment that shocks and staggers any enemies that touch the barrier.

Hitman- This is very much an SMG run and gun tree, most of the skills in the tree will work well with an SMG. Faster reload, fast fire rate, more damage when moving.

Doubled Agent- This tree seems less focused around a certain weapon type than the other 2, though going with a fast reload, small magazine gun like a Jakob’s revolver might be your best bet with the Duct Tape Mod skill, which gives the first shot fired after every reload the chance to fire a grenade as well.


Was thinking is zane best with smg,s shotguns or anything else thanks.

probably pistols, smg and snipers

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He may get more out of using a cryo weapon then the other vault hunters.

Many thanks I’m gonna try different combinations and explore every corner chest locker ha ha