Deciding maps to play on

You could choose the map you want to play before finding the other players, and after picking the map it will only look for playes that have chosen the same map, being so you will always play 100% in a map you want to play

But you would most likely have a much longer wait time trying to find enough people to play certain maps like Echelon.


But it could be a button to cancel at any time and try to find any map, so if you are tired of waiting you just click the button

That wouldn’t work unfortunately thats, how you end up with dead maps etc. It would cause more issues than its probably worth IMO.

Well since it’s the exact same topic, i’ll quote myself :

In Advanced Story mode there does need to be more flexibility.
i.e. Friend and myself wanting to do Helio on Advanced but we would like to open it to the public first.
We can’t since there is a strict Helio option and the other is pure gamble.

Voting for maps in PvP should be done away with entirely. There is always going to be the bandwagon map and it leads to a lack of variety in matches, which is annoying. All the maps are good, and those of us who want to play the less used maps shouldn’t be stifled by the bandwagon majority.

I love Echelon and actually prefer it to Overgrowth. Sadly, I get to play it maybe 10% of the time.

Any thoughts on this @Jythri ? Is it safe to assume that your data shows that Overgrowth is chosen way more than Echelon?