Deck 13 1/2 missing from my fast travel

Although all the other Deck 13 1/2 areas are there the main deck is missing. There is a mission there I didn’t pick up the first time through and I wanted to getbit. Anyone missing their Deck 13 1/2 FT destination? I’m on xb 360.

It goes missing from the fast travel when you get to the bit where you fight Shadow trap, and doesn’t reappear until you defeat both his boss phases. If you’ve already beaten main story, then I’m not sure why it is still missing. I’m on 360 and will probably be on tonight if it looks like your game is just glitched. I only have the DLC completed in TVHM though.

That is probably why, I haven’t defeated both bosses. Thanks.

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I want to get back to battle the final phase of the boss, but I haven’t found a way back to him. Do I have to go back through the sub-conscious?

Sadly, yes.

I think they wanted to make us trek for it, for some reason. Or thematically they feel like the cortex shouldn’t have a fast travel?

THANK GOD they put a respec machine in the cortex arena though!