Deck builds reset after every match

Every time I finish a match, the deck i had just used disappears. The title of the deck stays the same, but all of the deck slots are empty. I have tried using different deck slots and naming them different things. And each time I finish a map all my deck slots are wiped clean and I have to start over. I know this is a small issue, but it can be annoying since I’m not allowed to focus on just playing the game. I don’t want to make the same deck over and over every time I want to queue into a match.

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Mine was doing this yesterday. But that was the only day it has done it so far.

Can confirm, this has occurred several times. It might be related to having the collection interface up prior to entering a game.

Yeah this was happening to me the other night, but its not consistent. It seems like it usually happens whenever I lost a ranked match.

We’re still working on this one, as its one of the nastier lingering bugs. You can avoid it for now by staying off the collection page before the game brings you into a match.