Deck13 and 1/2 bug?!

Alright. So I made a thread on this on the 2k forums but its here as well. Having a big problem getting to the final boss of the DLC. I initially reached this boss who I will call shadowclap version 2.0 and I was lv 47 and the boss was 49, and with my level 40ish gear I could barely scratch him so I figured to come back with some level 50 gear. So I continued the main story, forgoing killing the last boss of the DLC just thinking ill be back and bigger and stronger. So I get to level 50, use some keys and spent hours trying to get some new legendaries out of them but for some strange reason the grinder wont let me use moonstone…[but that’s another thread] so I figure “screw it, lets take on shadowclap version 2.0” Only now, at the teleport deck 13 1/2 does NOT show up on the transporter. So a bit perturbed I figure maybe I have to be within the DLC. So I go to the nexus, and still nothing. Then I figure I should go back to where you enter the nexus, to where the entry to deck 13 1/2 should be, but its not there. So I restart my xbox…load the game up and then the entrance and 2 nav points are showing up, one pointing to the teleporter, the other to where the entrance to deck 13 1/2 is. What is going on here? I cant finish the DLC because I cant get to where the game is telling me to go.

You have to run back to the boss. Go to the Subconscious and run back.

It is a long run too, without any map markers.

Well there are map markers but they are not correct.

Gotta go the subconscious, then to the cortex, then to the sub-subconscious (??). I think that is right. Can’t remember exactly.

This actually bothers me if I save and quit after doing some arena fun, running all the way back there is annoying, I wish they’d stick a fast travel to the cortex, farming/arena runs become much less tedious.

So my quest tracker is being a div?

Only it makes no sense other than to think that. I mean its telling me to go to a teleport station, and I guess deck 13 1/2 is closed to me now that I am on the final boss?

Wait…does that mean I have to fight shadowtrap 1.0 again?

The way to deck 13.5 is open, once you get to the cortex and to the area where you fought Shadow-TP 1.0.

Yes, and ignore the fast travel location map markers. They are wrong.

Buy you will have to wade through a pile o’ enemies getting through the subconscious.

The thing to remember is that the deck 13.5 that you’re looking for is actually the fake one that lies beyond the cortex.

Got a question if you’re willing to ask I’m not sure if it’s a bug or what but I’m not sure how to answer this but I’ve done every quest except for the very last one the bestest story ever told on borderlands Pre-Sequel and on the fast travel I don’t see 13 Deck 1/2 on my Xbox 360 do I need to complete the last quest in order to get to 13 deck and a half even though I’m on level 33 so can someone give me an answer if you can cuz I’m not sure what to do plus. I had this game for a good long while and it’s been doing it for a good while. also the problem that I’m having to deal with. So anyway let me know when you get this message until I have something else to discuss that is all for now.

Six year necro - impressive!

Anyway: as long as the DLC is installed, you should see the starting location on your Fast Travel station. There’s no requirement to complete the main game first; in fact, it’s entirely possible to go there completely under-levelled by accident.

You said you’re on 360, so I’d check in your Storage > Games & Apps > TPS folder to confirm that you have the Claptastic Voyage installed.


Yes I would check those three things that you mentioned and I’ll get back to you eventually and see if it will help any

Yes I did look it up and it says borderlands the Pre-Sequel compatibility Pack and I’m not sure if that’s the DLC GAME or not SINCE I HAD THIS GAME FOR AS Long as I can remember. at least that’s what it says on here.

Also one more thing ever since I first started this game even though I do not know how many years ago it’s been. But during that time it worked just fine going into claptrap mind but it’s not working not right now. But back then it was. That was year’s ago it’s kind of strange when you think about it.

No, that’s not the DLC.

I can think of a couple of possibilities:

  • You had at some point deleted the DLC from your drive to make room
  • It had been purchased under a different account which is no longer on the system

It’s been a while since I poked around the 360 version, but you should be able to check via either your Purchase or Download history, or through the in game “Downloadable Content” menu whether it is showing the Claptastic Voyage DLC as owned or not.

Now that I think about it I think that might have what happened before but that was years ago. But I don’t know how am I supposed to get it back or do I have to delete everything start from scratch again if that’s the case

If I do get the claptrap mind in that fast travel that I mentioned before and delete everything from scratch as I said earlier will I be able to get it back in the fast travel. Not to mention unstalling the game and install it once more.

And see if it helps after that

Don’t delete anything! Uninstalling and reinstalling the game is not what you want to do.

You’re right I do it your way and hopefully it will help.