"Decked Out" & "Friendship Rules" Trophy Help!

So I Was Wandering If Anybody Would Be Willing To Help Me Get, “Decked Out”, & “Friendship Rules” Trophy. For “Decked Out” I Just Need To Borrow A Purple Relic For The Mechromancer. Level 30 Or Below. Thanks In Advance. My PSN Is iTzz_Jeremy.

Do you have the Marcus mercenary day dlc


OK never mind than. Also what do you have to do for the friendship rules trophy

I Have To Revive A Friend That Is On My Friends List.

Add me
I’m on right now than just hop in my game and get downed

You Have To Get Downed. I Have To Revive You

OK my bad

All Good

I’ll go farm some low level purple gear for you later if you want.

I Only Need A Purple Relic To Get The Decked Out Trophy.

Okt 'll go grab one later.

Ight Man Thanks Alot! Also You Think You Could Help Me Face Terramorphous For His Trophy?