Decoy Glitch Is Still Here :D

Okay so I dont know how I did but I was playing a game of incursion and when I died, when I came back a decoy came with me. Not sure how this work but would love for someone to look into this!

WAIT REALLY? Yesssssssss

Yup. I did without even trying although I am not sure how I did it…still trying to figure it out although I got when I respawned.

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Before the 21th july update i already got one permanent clone without the level 10 left helix… I was surprised to see my clones soloing the mid thrall mercenaries, and then I saw that this clone was permanent, like those from the glitch.

I don’t know how I did it, and I don’t remember if my ult was already unlocked or no but I was low level.

Looks like there is an other way to do that glitch

One thing for sure is, I was not level 10 as well. Still trying to figure it out.

Wait you did it in PVP? This gets even more interesting.

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Yes it was PVP Incursion on Overgrowth. But as said before it only occurs once and i’ve around 200 games with Deande so it must be a pretty well hidden glitch xD

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I forgot to mention that…but yeah! It was on PvP lol

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Oops, you did mention Incursion. I just misread. Unless you edited