Decoy Suggestions

Kind of a indirect decoy change but wouldnt it be great to jump into the direction you are moving when you activate decoy? I know there is an option for it but I feel as if that should be the default. Double trouble wouldn’t be useless since you are still getting a 50% dash distance.

This isn’t a bad idea, but I find the jump-back to be useful when you’re being really sneaky. If you charge an enemy then pop decoy sometimes they’ll see it coming and still think it’s you, but if you jumped forward they’d be more likely to notice your transparent silhouette. I’ve seen the odd player even taunt my decoy after I’ve charged them in this way, I bet they feel pretty silly to say the least aftet one of those lol. It’s also nice for when you want to bait and someone chases, they get right behind you then you pop decoy and bounce back behind them, makes for a lovely Burst Dash set-up. If I had to stop running for a brief moment to pull backward, I feel it could give away my intent or throw off my timing, and Deande’s all about that timing.

I can see the arguments for this idea though and I’m not entirely against it, maybe I’ve just adapted and become comfortable with how she plays. Even a minor change to such a sophisticated character could seem bigger than it is and change the dynamic, but I don’t personally like Double Trouble because of how I can accidentally throw myself sideways in a heated engagement.

Makes sense but I like to jump behind them especially when I am trying to 1v1 someone or even when I am trying to run away it really helps!

But, don’t you like Burst Dash too? Is that just generally not a great level?

If I need to get behind someone I just duck behind cover to pop decoy and be discreet as possible, or run behind them and spin 180 degrees. I take the mutation at level 1, it’s unlocked at character rank 12.

Oh yeah, I’m at rank 11 with her so I forgot about that.

25% life steal from decoy damage, it’s pretty nice.

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Its nice but its kind of underwhelming. 25% seems like a lot but considering how decoy does little damage, it doesnt end up being a lot and not sure if its a bug but the explosion doesn’t give life steal and it should considering thats where the biggest chunk of damage comes from.

I agree, the explosion damage should count. While 25% isn’t a lot considering the low damage and survivability of the decoy, it’s literally free health for doing nothing. It’s most noticeable when your decoy’s hitting a target stun-locked by Blink Storm, the brief wind-down period after the attack is dangerous for Deande but with that little extra lifesteal you notice the extra health and it goes a long way over the course of a full match. There are few sources of lifesteal in this game and most aren’t overly large amounts, but health is health and especially good if it’s free :slight_smile:

Besides, the other two options at level 1 aren’t particularly great or game changimg either.