Dedicated drop rates imo

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, 50 runs not a single drop, 100 runs heyyyy finally dropped useless annointment, 150 runs hey got the annointment i needed but not the right element, so on and so and so on and so on. Makes me want to send my fist through the monitor sometimes.


Yea, mayhem levels should increase dedicated drop rates.


They need to rethink the whole anoint system. It’s pretty much a must-have for any high-level Mayhem (unless you’re using an OP build). They are too powerful when you’re not chasing M11 clear speeds or farming. They completely unbalance the weapons. And they are just filled with “feels bad” moments when you finally get that item to drop.

There are a 1000 ideas on how to improve the system. Instead, we get more anoints to clutter the RNG, making it even harder to get what you want. And we are still stuck with a lot of stupid anoints. I can’t think of a time where I swapped with my clone just to reload my weapon.

I would never use the clone to reload :joy:

Hell, most of the time my clone is god knows where and I have to backtrack because I forgot to wait :joy::joy::joy:

And so, I just never use clone… Ever… Is it that hard to create a QoL change where you hold the button to reposition it? (same with shield, hold button to pick up… There’s situations where picking it up takes to long)

I wish they would finally admit they screwed up and reworked anointments and mayhem…

And either put dedicated drops into the world drop pools at low percentage… Or double the current drop rate. like said in this topic, right gun, right parts, right element and right anointment is next to impossible to farm!

Even with the tom&xam exploit getting a decent soulrender you want is near impossible

But try farming an autoaim which nobody would ever use even after its buff…

Everything in this game is just inconsistent

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As far as clone goes I think its still a bug but sometimes ill trade place with it further up the map, and then when I catch up it has somehow been sent back to its original location. Thats the only thing I think they need to fix. But yeah some annointments need to be changed or removed. The +130% dmg after switching with clone doesnt seem to do anything and increase accuracy or crit is just again meh doesnt really do anything especially since everything is already made accurate through skill trees or they just are already accurate, and +50% element ase isnt multiplicative so having more than 1 does nothing so either make it stackable or idk really its only ever good on a same same old god.