Dedicated drops are a lie

If a weapon or piece of gear has a dedicated source why in the heck does it drop from other sources? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills because if a dedicated drop comes from almost any source then, by definition, IT’S NOT A DEDICATED DROP. It makes no sense in calling them dedicated when factually they’re not. I know I’m not in the minority on this issue.

In Borderlands games (particularly 2, PS, and 3), a dedicated drop means an item that has an increased chance to drop from a specific source compared to the chance of it dropping from the world drop loot pool.

What you seem to be referring to would, in Borderlands terms, be called an exclusive drop.

IOW it’s just the in-game terminology, and it actually works out in the players favour in the long run.


I’m going to say this as nice as I can, what part of the word “Dedicated” don’t you understand? You’re doing some real mental gymnastics to flip that term on it’s head to mean something it’s not. They literally said they’re making dedicated drops to and I quote “To thin out the world drops”. How are you going to achieve that when almost any enemy can drop almost every weapon or piece of gear? So I say this again and with much fervor: Dedicated drops are a lie.

“Why you have to be mad? Is only game”
Books are dedicated to one or more people but everyone can buy them :slight_smile:
I don’t have a problem with ‘dedicated’ meaning a higher % chance of being dropped from a specific enemy. I don’t know why you do.

World drops always dipped into the whole loot table, didn’t they? I don’t know what they meant by “thinning out world drops”, because what they did actually thins out “dedicated” drops (bosses have 1-2 items assigned now, less than before (“thinner”).

I’m just pointing out the way the phrase ‘dedicated drop’ is used within the context of Borderlands games.

I see nothing in the patch notes about thinning out world drops - it specifically says thinning out dedicated drops - so I’m not sure where you’re getting that from?

Some bosses had so many items in their designated drop pool (and that’s the terminology from the “Inside the Box” article on the BL2 loot system btw) that the chance of getting what you were looking for was diluted. That’s what this update addresses; world drops remain unchanged.

All that said, if you don’t like the term ‘dedicated drop’, what would you prefer it to be called?


I’ve never seen someone say “I’m gonna say this as nicely as I can” followed by something nice.

“Dedicated drops” in borderlands context just means they up the chances a thing drops from a location. Exclusive drops have only one source.

E.g. Big boom blaster and band of sitorak both drop from Unstoppable, but BBB is dedicated, and can drop elsewhere while Band is exclusive to him.


Ok so thin out boss drops. That makes no sense because bosses are still dropping all types of world drops. More so than their “dedicated” drops. Hell I farmed Agonizer for the past 2 hours and he dropped no less than 12 different legendaries. How is that thinning out boss drops? Seems nobody can answer that.

Sounds like a case of bad rng to me!

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Technically yes. See, World Drops aren’t in the same loot pool as dedicated drops. This does mean that the less crowded a bosses dedicated drop pool is, the higher the chance for each of those individual dedicated items to actually drop, making targeted farming more reliable.

You’d need to compare ~100 runs before and after the patch. Your experience with Agonizer sounds crap, but presumably it was even worse before the patch. But yeah, if Agonizer is dropping 12 differnt legendaries and none of them is its dedicated drop, then that deserves complaints, imo.

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A boss will have a loot list, comprising of a number of loot pools. On kill, the system goes through the list and rolls for items within each pool.

Some bosses have more entries in the list than others. So a low-tier boss might have 1 roll at the world drop pool and 1 roll at its dedicated drop pool. A high-tier boss could have several rolls at the world pool, and 1 or 2 rolls at the dedicated pool.

The odds of getting an item from each roll are independent. So whether or not you get a world drop legendary has NO influence on whether or not you get a dedicated drop legendary.

I believe the odds of getting a legendary on each dedicated drop roll are about 10%? (That’s what it ended up at in BL2 and TPS, anyway). So if a specific boss has one dedicated drop pool containing two items, you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting either item and a 1 in 20 chance of getting a specific one out of the two. And it doesn’t matter how many world drops you get - zero or 50, wouldn’t make any difference.

As I explained before, some bosses had multiple items in their dedicated drop pool. I think some had around 6 possible items? So to use the previous example, each time you kill that boss you had a 1 in 10 chance of getting an item from that pool. If you were looking for a specific item from the six, however, your odds dropped to 1 in 60.

Now, that boss will have only 2 of those items, with the other four being spread out to other bosses, and your odds for the specific item are now 1 in 20, or three times better than they were. You’re still going to get runs in which you see neither item - that’s just RNG working as expected.

Does that clear things up for you?


if drops are the main source of problem, i think they should fix load time 1 way or another first . i believe every dedicated drops is 10% which essentially the same as bl2 , but the problem is that i can farm 3 savage lee in 2 minutes but with that 2 minutes on bl3 , half of them is spend on load time and the half is spend on killing . which resulted in a way that arbitrarily i can get the drop on bl2 3x faster than bl3 and bl2 feel more interactive because theres way less down time .

thats why almost every person favored freddie farm back then .

plus they added rare spawn which double or triple the time to get a drop which feel even worse.

welp im speaking for console

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  • World drops means an item can be acquired from everyone and everything.

  • Dedicated drops means that a world drop item has a increased chance to be adquired from a specific source, but it’s not unique to it, as that source can drop any other world gear, and that gear can drop from any other source.

  • Exclusive drop means that an item can only be acquired from a specific source, but that source can also drop any world gear as well.

I would be worried if every piece of legendary gear was exclusive to an especific enemy, and not something that can drop randomly from a badass, chest or found on an named enemy that’s less likely to drop it, but still does.

The entire premise of quit-reload spamming a single miniboss fight until it spits out the shiny should thrown in the dustbin of gaming history. There’s dozens of better examples of how to improve farming at this point, I really wish GBX figured out/borrowed something better.

The Fabricator’s altfire mode is a decent direction but it still only makes world drops. Want a One-pump-chump? A Fastball? A Nimble Jack? Quit, reload, quit, reload, quit reload, quit, reload… Same encounter, over and over. Christ on a bike, man.

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they shouldve used eithe 1 or 2 drop system and not combine it together , especially the reason why people are fine with bl1 is because u can get the drop easily , stat is very negligible u dont need the best one to play . like all u want for a com is just purple + any regen and thats it .