Dedicated drops delution prevention question

Read some posts statating to lower the M level so there are less world drops from dedicated loot sourses.

Is thus true?



Dedicated drops have their own drop chance set in stone regardless of what mayhem level you are on.

The idea is that you will be able to kill the enemy faster on a lower difficulty, with the same chance of them dropping their dedicated loot. Essentially making the farm faster.

Yes, you will also get less world drops this way.


Won’t make a bit of difference. Dedicated drops are calculated before world drops. Lowering M levels will reduce the number of world drops, but it does NOT increase your odds of getting a dedicated drop. I have not seen any conclusive proof that Mayhem levels effect the odds of dedicated drops being anointed, but based on my own testing (which wasn’t enough runs to make definitive conclusions) it doesn’t make a difference.


THIS ^^^

Thank you.
Another question
The Transformer from KV. Its just an increased chance not dedicated right? So would M4 be better than M0?

It’s a dedicated drop. There is no such thing as an “increased chance” outside of dedicated loot pools.

Same rules apply as above. Farm him as fast as you can, the drop chance will be the same on any mayhem level since it’s dedicated.

Almost everyone has a transformer, the fastest way to get one would be to post on the trade forums and ask for one lol.

Trying for an annointed one. Yes i could ask to trade thats true. For me, it feels wierd to trade.

I trade all the time. You meet a lot of nice people and for the most part the trading community is great.

If you’re on ps4 I have many anointed transformers… I can send you one. 50% bonus Shock fire rad and corrosive on ASE

Wow. Been playing awhile and i havent even seen an anointed version yet. Did you get them from KV or just being out and about?

I traded for them lol

Haha. Well done

What would you like to trade for?

What’s your psn I’ll just send you one… Do you have a preference of what ASE element

Shock ASE would be my choice. goldstarlestelle.

Thank you.