Dedicated Drops - Inconsistent Distribution

So after THIS much time, I finally completed the Guardian Takedown, and boy were the rewards…lacking. I don’t understand why, on something as challenging as the GTD, each player isn’t getting their own share of the loot. Instead, with 2 players, I get a total of a Smog and a Backburner, plus some other junk.

It seems that the rewards versus effort isn’t close to balance. Not just in terms of quality of the items, but in terms of who’s getting items. The Maliwan Takedown, in comparison to GTD, will usually drop a couple Redistributors, a Tiggs or two, and many Kybs. Each player (I run split-screen unless playing with friends) might get different things, but it feels like everyone is getting their own loot.

Most bosses seem to only drop 1 dedicated item for the party. But a few, like GenIVIV seems to roll for each player. I’ve gotten two Refluxes (one for each character) in split-screen a few times. And then you have Aggy 9000, who drops duplicates of the same items for each character, including its dedicated drops.

I think for the trials and takedowns, each player should have their own rolls and items, independent of each other, or most items need to drop for the whole party. With the gross amount of RNG, just on anoints, that’s a lot of work for a party of 3 or 4 to go through, for a single shot at some dedicated loot.

Isn’t that what cooperation mode is for? ‘Coopetition’ is the ‘classic Borderlands’ mode that doesn’t roll instanced loot; cooperation mode you should get your own loot. The host’s choice of mode is in effect for the whole party.


Well if that’s the case, it’s not working the same on all bosses. Cooperation mode doesn’t seem to work for dedicated drops, unless the drop rates are so low that the chance of both players getting dedicated drops is slim.

Perhaps it is working, but with RNG, it would take way too much testing to drawing any meaningful conclusions. That’s the scapegoat that is RNG.

Regardless of whether or not it is working correctly, the real issue is the effort-reward system is imbalanced. On M10, beating GTD should result in a guaranteed drop from the dedicated loot pool for each player. MTD, which is easier, seems to produce at least one dedicated item per player. At least this has been my experience in the past many runs I have done since the end of the dedicated drop event.

Maybe I’ve been lucky. But again, with RNG to blame, it’s impossible to tell what’s really going on.

Exactly this. But be warned the loot chance isn’t “increased” per player. Its more of if a gun has a 10% chance to drop then its 10% for each player. Not 20% 30% and 40% . More like 10% and 10% and 10% and 10% all rolled separately. Its still 10% for each so its like running solo with .ore players in the session.
The caveat to this is when split screening or farming for one player with more playing. If only one person wants it then you run as many runs as players per 1 run.

Right, but again, it’s not about cooperation mode. Have you farmed Agonizer 9000 with a group? Almost every bit of loot that drops is duplicated for each player, including the dedicated drops. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or feature.

One the one hand, everyone gets a copy of the drops. But they are identical down to the stats and anointment. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse than each player having their own RNG version.

But my point is dedicated items should drop for each player in the group, for the bosses that require considerable effort to farm. Takedowns, Trials, and circles specifically. But the system is inconsistent and seems to lack any logic.

I’ve seen the same thing happen with world drops tbh - sometimes both players have gotten the exact same thing in the same spot, other times one has got a legendary and one has got a completely different rarity. I agree that what you see doesn’t always make sense, but only a developer would know whether it was working as intended or not.

I personally only play on coopetition. Its Borderlands loot is meant to be “stolen” and bargained with between party members to me. So dedicated drops every kill kinda make it not worth the loot ninja.

Years spent in early MMOs dealing with loot ninjas has poisoned that experience for me. I’m thankful that Borderlands offers both options so all types can be happy. It even has the dueling option if you want to fight over something. :smile:

With the massive amount of RNG, I’m happy with instanced loot. I only play solo or with friends and am more than happy to give up stuff for those in need.

I’m pretty sure this got introduced with some patch or other a couple of months ago. I’m not playing too much coop, but still kinda regularly and always with the same guy. And on some point we noticed a distinct change, like suddenly we’d get lots of identical items where before we didn’t (we are always on “cooperation”). So my guess is, it’s a bug.

“unless the drop rates are so low that the chance…”

This, this and this again. The drop rates are indeed abysmal and awful now that event is finished.

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