Dedicated Loot Drop Possible Changes?

7-hours ive farmed for spiritual drivers this week.
2-spiritual drivers dropped. Neither had even 1 skill im looking for.
3-times ive thrown myself off tazendeers cliffside from sheer frustration.

While im no stranger to farming, i’ve played all the borderlands series games, when you take into consideration how many different annointments and abilities can show up on 1 piece of gear, the dedicated drop rates are brutal. At this rate i dont even know if i will have a perfect endgame build done for even one character by the time the final dlc drops. Is there any adjustments possibly in the works? I really love this game, i think its great. Just think this may need just a slight increase. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


I kind gave up on looking for specific stats on drops , at least until something is done (if it ever is ) It is disheartening when you realize how many layers of RNG are working against you to even get close to the rolls you want .

But I am hopeful if people keep bringing it up to them something will be done


It’s a nearly impossible task to farm 6 pieces of gear for an endgame build.

For example I farmed the Redline more than 600 times. I wanted a corrosive or fire with 100% or 125% damage anointment. By the end of my farming I got more than 50 redlines and 6 of them anointed, not one of them with the right element or even an usable anointment.

Then I farmed the ogre, i wanted a x2 with 120% splash or 125 splash, i did it for 5 days and 3-5 hours every day. And again I didn’t get anything close to what I was looking for. So many wasted hours.

I know that dedicated drops weren’t in GB plans but now that they are a thing, they need to fix them. I’m gonna take a break from the game til they work something out, what’s the point of a looter shooter if you can get the loot to shot.

They need to either increase the dedicated drops rate, anointed gear drop rate according to mayhem levels (or maybe a middle ground) and either get rid of the rare spawns and make the guarantee or remove all the designated gear that was added and leave the with their original loot pool and move them to another boss. Oh and increase trials, slaughter, etc final bosse’s drop rates even more.


Honestly who is running the show? Do they wabt people to stop playing the game? Here’s mayhem 4 where you need good anointments, now go waste your time never getting them. Have fun


The problem with dedicated drops right now is that each enemy has several dedicated drops. This makes it difficult to get the drop you want let alone with the right stats or parts. Finding a perfect stat or parts weapon was always almost impossible. In BL2 I never got a Bee with an immunity. I probably farmed Hunter Helquest 1,000 times. Also I never got a Hive to drop from Saturn even after about 300 runs. Farming a perfect stat piece of gear has always been almost impossible.

You don’t need anointments at all for Mayhem 4. They just help speed things a bit if you have them. If you cant progress at all on M4 the issue is with the overall build in regards to the base item selections and allocation of skill points, or you need improvement in player skill.

Also if everyone got everything they wanted when they wanted it then why would we still play the game? The core mechanic around looters is that pursuit of loot. That aspect is one of the primary things contributing to a looter game’s replay value. So you get all your god roll items in a week. Now that you’ve peaked to the point there is no progress left there is now no real reason to keep going unless you like replaying the story over, and over, and over, and over… More likely you just quit and “might” come back later for added content. However a large amount of people that quit thinking they’re going to come back for new content later don’t actually come back.


Ive solo’d the raid over 100 times atleast on mayhem 4, ive played more borderlands than a lot of people. Yes you do need anointed gear to do it consistantly. I farmed for over 7 hours straight to get a driver, and like always i didnt get it. So dont tell me how the game should work, if its gonna take me 2 weeks to get a damn drop then whats the point in even trying to get it??

I could care less if people come back or if they dont but the main reason people arent playing is because of the drop rates. If you wanna spend a week looking for one item and you think that that’s fun then im sorry for you.


That’s not quite how it works. I could never get all the god-roll items needed for all the builds I could have ideas for and make and play on all the characters. I don’t get tired of doing the harder content like Slaughters or Raid, unless I run a build that’s just too easy that gets boring. But overall I’m always thinking of a new build idea then looking for gear for it. This is what drives a true fan of BL to keep playing. The other type of BL fan does like doing the story over and over. And yet another type likes to keep doing challenge runs such as ‘sniper only’ or ‘allegiance’ or ‘1-life’. For a true fan of BL just having god-rolls does not make them bored. People played BL2 for many years while loading in perfect gear with a program.

If someone would get godroll items for 1 build and that’s enough to make them leave, well they weren’t going to stay very long anyways.

The sooner GBX realizes this the better. Hopefully it’s very soon before it’s too late.


atleast what you are getting aint total garbage when it comes to legendary in bl2

And your argument is false , gibbed exist and theres tons of pc player out there . borderlands gameplay isnt only farming and right now bad loot drop is what making people quit.

honestly if having best loot will make people quit the game , then you should watch joltz playthru , those who love borderlands will never stop playing it .

as if right now , ive already moved back to play borderlands 2

Heard. I’ve been trying for a x2 Ogre with either Incendiary +50 ase/ it next two mags or splash/damage annoint.

I’ve been farming since the game dropped. First in SS. Then the damned annointed in the Anvil after dedicated drops.

I’ve got an Amara parked at the Anvil and I generally spend about 10-15 hours a week farming for that Ogre. The best I’ve got so far is the stupid Airborn annoint and ammo regen annoint(useless on BM Moze). Not counting the dozens of hours in SS, I’ve spent close to 100 hours farming for just this Ogre.

Its just ■■■■■■■ ridiculous.

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100% true. I have played a lot of different looters over the years, no loot game is more ridiculous with drop rates than this game, and it isn’t even close. I can always find the gear I’m looking for in other looters usually in a reasonable amount of time; and yet I still love playing them. Having gear that takes 10 hours to find one version of a gun that has 1/800 odds of dropping with the parts I’m looking for will absolutely make me quit playing, not incentivize me to play more. I have other hobbies/obligations/games that I’d like to play, like most people. I’m not gonna spend years farming for one version of a gun.

I’m pretty sure GBX hasn’t actually played most other looters in depth, because they really do seem to fundamentally not understand the genre. BL2 had a lot of these problems too (i.e. trying to find a perfectly parted Hide of Terra or Sham), but I attributed them to the fact that the game was made in 2012 and gave them a pass. But here we are 8 years later and they arguably made things even worse this time around.


This entire paragraph is simply false for obvious reasons.

Might not need annointments but they should still be realistically attainable after enough time investment.

I’ve spend well over 100 hours(and going) farming for one weapon. Not even a popular one. A goddamned Ogre because I like it and want it. I’m even open to 4-5 different annointments to make is more realistic but this is still not. Not realistic, I mean.

Also, I’m not sure why this claim that “after you get everything you want, you won’t wanna play” comes from. That’s a silly statement that definitely does not apply to everyone.

For me, having my endgame build, with the loadout how I want it is just the beginning. My fun really begins there. I don’t mind farming, even excessive farming but I do have reasonable expectations of my time.


Even with very extreme improvements in anointed drops the amount of time needed to find every weapon and mod with the stats you want for the range of builds you could experiment with- would keep people playing until BL4 and beyond…

My only fear is this is intentional, and if they introduce a MT weapon/mod model, I think the game will die like Anthem.


There does need to be changes to dedicated drops, I’ve been farming phoenix for days after a last stand deathless, he’s only dropped 1 deathless in all that time, I’ve tried M4, M3, M2, no M.

I really don’t mind grinding for the perfect roll, that’s the whole point in looter shooters but when they don’t even drop what is in their loot pool 99.9% of the time, it’s just not even worth it.

I don’t expect them to drop it everytime but at least 1 in 10 times should drop what is in the pool, I’ve had better luck on gigamind dropping deathless


And the problem with that is there are still 30-50 named enemies in the game that have no dedicated drops at all. They could easily spread the dedicated drops around more and improve the odds of people getting what they want really easily, they just haven’t bothered to do it.

Hmm, I’m thinking people have very short memories.

I remember farming the BNK3R “shudder” more than 140 times before I got a SINGLE Sham. Drop rates as a whole in BL2 were abysmal and BL3 beats it hands down. Yes getting that perfect roll is not going to be easy but I’d have died of old age long before getting any Shams above 90% based on those odds, let alone the perfect score. While I know some people got one after half a dozen tries or less. Sometimes RNG sucks but as a whole I’d say drop rates in BL3 aren’t too bad.

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I haven’t played in over a month because of drop rates, but I check the forums once a month to see if they’ve figured out how to make endgame feel rewarding and the grind feel like it has an actual design instead of the blatantly player hostile mishmash they’re going with now.

It appears the game still feels unrewarding and there’s no design other than the reactionary stuff they did with the half-assed dedicated drops. :frowning_face:

See you guys in a month. Maybe. If I don’t stop caring completely in the meantime.


I remember trying to get a Sham. It was still FAR better than trying to get some of the dedicated drops in this game. Try farming the Trial of Cunning on M4 to get a Rakk Pak class mod. I’ll take that 3 minute BNK3R farm over the 30+ minute per run M4 Trial any day of the week.

Statistically speaking the Rakk Pak mod requires around 17 HOURS of farming before you’ll get one. Just one. And that’s the statistical average, not just one experience.


You cherry picked the one example that comes anywhere close to being as bad as BL3’s designated drop rates, and even then, it is still mathematically easier to get a sham than it is most guns in BL3.

Otherwise, the drop rate for a specific weapon in BL2 was 10%. That is mathematically WAYYYYY higher than the designated drop rate for a specific weapon in BL3, so no BL3 rates don’t come anywhere close to beating or even equaling BL2. Even if the drop rates were exactly the same, I’d argue BL2’s design was pretty ■■■■■■ and doesn’t justify an equally crappy design 7.5 years later.

Honestly boss farming in general is tedious and boring and extremely outdated, the focus should be on actually playing the game to get specific gear you want, like CoS, Proving Grounds, Takedown, etc. But the drop rates for those are even more abysmal.