Dedicated loot drops should be guaranteed on M10. There's too much RNG to farm efficiently

I’m always suspicious of “perfect gear” and streamers who sport multiple copies of perfect gear with just the element changed. Especially if they play on PC, too easy to mod the perfect gear and it sets unrealistic expectations for other players.

Before the next DLC, GBX needs to dump the bottom 50% of anointments and gear, based on performance and popularity. Then they need to rebalance the rest and implement a smart-anoint system that ensures you get a solid anoint on your gear. Maybe it won’t be BIS, but it should at least be usable. No more reload speed on Infinities.

Then they should reevaluate the items and anoints after each expansion/event/add-on to ensure they are working and good. Ideally they would do this testing before the material is released but…you know.

I know it may go against a major concept of the game, but give me less, and make it good. A gazillion guns is meaningless when 99.99% of them are junk.


I dont play amara my wife does. She wont play cuz she says nothing drops after i made her waste her life on sandhawk n monarch to no avail. Heh.

Does the ase work right as you phaze grasp an enemy?

I always thought ase next two mags and different elementals grenade shield was always the best choice as it spawns so many extra richochets and homing whats its

i didnt play amara much yet
so i dont really know how ASE work on phasegrasp
i guess it triggers after the effect and thats why people just “fake grasp”
so the “while action skill is active” seems to be a better thing for actual phase grasping?

WOW. I want that. :sob:

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Yeah, I actually phasegrasp. So, the new ASA anoint is awesome.

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works when the action skill bar depletes

I think adding weapon anointers or gunsmiths would be more timely now than ever. Just a little bit of RNG mitigation. If done right, it can provide better player retention than just dumping massive RNG on us. In my opinion anyway.
Dedicated loot drop rate improvements would no doubt also go a long way (at least make their loot pool less polluted), but call me crazy, I think a better system can exist than killing the same boss over and over in between save+quits.

I know BL3 wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, and it’s “just” more Borderlands (which I really appreciate), but the way boss farming works is something they could improve at some point.

Rerolling anointments with eridium would be awesome.


And to be fair, I’m not calling anyone out or saying they are in the wrong, I’d do the same myself if only to try out some wacky combos/builds.

But it does create an unrealistic expectation in viewer’s minds, that these items are relatively easy to obtain. And it also makes the current drop rate/Mayhem-level/anoint issues much more apparent.

Not to mention the second-class feeling that a lot of console players have concerning the focus of GBX. I’m not saying we should have more/better drops, but rather they need to implement a system that makes it so players on all platforms have a better chance of getting the gear they want, from within the game.


That’s for sure. I farmed Warden on m9 with yellowcake looking for a nuclear boom sickle and got nothing for almost 5 and a half hours! Honestly this is nothing new, Gearbox has known we as the community have been unhappy with the dedicated drops for many months. But given the time on console to kill, save, quit, reload it should be rewarding after some time that you put in. And while I know it takes time to finalize a patch and even with what was done THIS week was ok but still many issues remain. The sooner they implement it the better.

Yeah I have to say I agree here. PC it is so much more advantageous to play on because THERE, there’s work arounds to get the variant you want on guns, the save quit reload feature works more fluidly, and on top of that they have SAVE FILES they can just let other players use to just copy, NO regrinding of gear at all, they have what another player has earned not gotten THEMSELVES. while I respect content creators I do feel it is a tad on the unfair side for console players who have to grind SO hard for their items and create new toons or ask others to powerlevel them. Somehow a better way needs to be found for console to grind more efficiently.

This is how I feel about that

Yeah, what is up with that? I found one, from Wotan I think, level cap 57 increase. It was nice for all of a week (Phaseslam +300% weapon damage). But haven’t seen one since.

I have only received 1 boom sickle, no element, in all the time I farmed the Warden, and that was also pre-Mayhem 2.0. I recently got 5-7 of the laser-guided RPGs, and 5 or 6 of the Plaguebearers (3 corrosive, one cryo, one or two shock).

I think I might have gotten a few dozen sickles, so the boom must be a 5% chance or so?

The boom part is very rare
That’s an other reason why dedicated drops are so important
On mh10, the warden HAS to drop a sickle he dies

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Booms are probably the hardest to get gun now. I’ve tried going where the ARs drop with loot the universe and plenty of useless ARs drop and very rarely a Sickle let alone a Boom. Now at the Warden I get constantly showered in SMGs that used to be top tier but are useless now but I can get them when I can’t use them. The only non DLC gun I care about on Moze is like trying to get a friggin Norfleet.

He drops stuff from his list, but sickles seem to be as rare of the rest now. At least even money I get a Wagon Wheel or Freeman, with the odd sickle here or there. But a dozen runs in a row probably isn’t enough to get a boom.

Yea apparently I got flagged for even pointing it out and so my comment is hidden LOL

I spent 90 minutes last week farming him for a plaguebearer. It dropped but it wasn’t M10 and I’m not sure I wanna go through it all again.

Everytime i see a post about something should be guaranteed at m10, i have to say, it should be at every mayhem level. m10 is where we need it the least, since there’s no more point to farming after you get there.

If a problem exists in m10 it definitely does and probably worse at every other level, the fix should be applied uniformly throughout.

Even plague bearer its rare to see one.