Dedicated loot pools event M1 vs M4

Just curious how many of y’all are playing with the mayhem modifiers. I wanted to see if anyone else is getting higher dedicated loot on M1 vs M4.

For example running take down on M1 I run across more takedown gear than M4. On M4 of course I get more world’s drops, but on M1 i feel like I getting a lot more of the dedicated loot (yes anointed). Same for bosses too. You miss the mods but you can get all the weapons easier it seems

Gotten burner recharger, snow shoe, moonshot and kybs all anointed, and a tiggs non anointed all on same run. And most runs are similar except M4 where it seems to be dilluted with world drops.

Wanted to see if anyone else is seeing the same thing?

I’m definitely getting better drops on M2 vs M4 across the board. I haven’t even tried Takedown yet

Mayhem levels make no difference with dedicated drops. Your odds of getting a specific dedicated drop item are exactly the at M1 as they are at M4.

But that’s the thing, it seems a lot better not on M4. I run M4 and not get one dedicated drop, but I can run M1 and get 2-5 pieces a run. Maybe world drops are messing their RNG or what?

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Seems like it.

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Someone on my list asked me for a electric banjo a while back. Said he had been farming MH4 for hours. I adviced him on doing it without Mayhem as i believed dedicated dropa were dilluted by world drops.

He got it to drop on his third kill.


Sounded like me lol