Dedicated Loot Pools Miss The Mark

Agreed. I wish that was the case farming a cobra on the beat down.

The rates are a joke. I hoped it would be more time efficient, but in the end I decided to just go back to grave ward because at least they drop stuff here and there and take relatively little time to run to and fight even if it’s a dice roll if I get anything good, it’s still more fun to at least get something for your time and effort. I can just imagine how infuriating it must be for someone to learn a drop they want is at the end of 5 rounds of cistern/slaughtershaft/etc and they don’t even always drop the item let alone good roll/anoint.


yeah, he doesn’t seem to understand that most people can’t spend their whole free time on a game. i play a lot, but it’s absurd to me to think that because i can spend more time with a game it’s fine for everyone else and not a problem.


I’ve got something important to tell you, and I think it’s going to blow your mind.

Borderlands 3 is not Borderlands 2. It has a whole bunch of new systems and content that Borderlands 2 didn’t have. And that’s great. It’s a different game!

Now, it’s still Borderlands, I think we all agree on that. And I’m pretty sure all of us think that farming for gear is awesome, which is why we like Borderlands.

But because Borderlands 3 is different, with different loot, different character, different skills, different builds, annointments, and ultimately, different requirements for interacting with the content, some things may have to be different.

I know change is hard. I’m sure that the drop rates from Vault bosses like Graveward can seem really off putting to you, since you want to spend 5 hours to get 1 legendary. But sometimes, for the good of the game, we have to accept that the old ways aren’t always best.

Or, at a minimum, maybe we can at least have a conversation about the systems without being told repeatedly, constantly, and continuously that we’re wrong for even having the discussion, and that the game needs to work exactly like Borderlands 2 or the franchise is dead.


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Also remember that a lot of people play the game for very different reasons: not everyone is a hardcore min-maxer; GBX have set the drop rates the way they feel is appropriate for the majority who play the game to make it a fun experience.

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I’m not here to start or end anyone’s argument, I am simply here to point out that this is a Borderlands game. Which has always had specific drops for specific bosses. Like it or not, it’s still Borderlands.


There was no dedicated loot in BL1 except for some rare non legendary items.
Dedicated drop doesn’t “make” a borderlands game.

However, BL2 dedicated drop rate do not work in BL3.
BL3 is a different game and it’s loot source should be tweaked accordingly. By adding the anointment layer of randomness on top of what we add in previous game, BL2 dedicated loot source ain’t cutting it.
Even more so when one miniboss has multiple dedicated drop like they curently have as of today

BL3 dedicated loot sources are far inferior to BL2’s.

BL3 needs “one boss per item” if it does dedicated loot source. This can be adressed by dlc as some item can be removed from boss that have 3 or 4 items to drop and given to new mid boss/unique/boss from dlc.
Rare spawn should have a mecanic to make them spawn too. Reloading 10 time in a row to not see the thing you are farming is no good.
With the anointment being as is BL2 sweet spot for drop rate cannot aply to BL3. This must not be forgoten.

Or anointment need to be reworked as either a crafting mechanic like fusing items, adding gems to your weapon (add another trinket slot but for anointment ?) or having a “skill tree” for weapon that you unlock by using it. Something need to be done, i don’t know exactly what but it needs reworking.


I’m about 90 solo m4 kills in and I still haven’t seen 1 Deathgrasp from Troy yet.

i’ve been killing billy the annoying, sorry, annointed all day. i had 2 or 3 class mods drop from him.

Were they any good?

meh, no not that good :slight_smile: random stats that doesn’t do me much good, but soon !

After about 120 kills I’m firmly convinced I’m just not going to find this thing.

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yeah, it’s not that great rates to be fair

A lot of players are still incapable of doing this once.

The drop rate is more than kinda bad putting this into perspective.


That’s the reason my sniper zero never made it past op 6. I just gave up, and decided that sniping on that difficulty wasn’t realistic on console lol.


You are much more patient than I am.

I want this gun.

Also I’m not sure if Troy still drops King’s Call, but I haven’t seen a single one of those either.

That room should have been the final. OMGWTH was a cakewalk. Hell he was droppable with cloud kill if you could keep the building between you and it for 10 minutes which was easy.

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