Dedicated Loot Pools Miss The Mark

The answer given is incorrect. They have yet from what I have seen to give a hard no on new vault hunters. Only that they don’t currently have plans to add more. That would mean that in the foreseeable future which is likely the first year of DLC they currently do not have plans to add one. That doesn’t mean they will not do something similar to Diablo III where they added new characters later when the addition of a new character can cause players that have been away from the game to come back just to check out the new thing.

I will refer you to this:

"Creative Director Paul Sage went on the show to talk about a few things with the game’s first free event being the main focus, Bloody Harvest, debuting around Halloween. But then, in a Q&A session, he confirmed something that had been rumored for a while, that future Borderlands 3 DLC would not introduce new vault hunters, which is a marked change from Borderlands 2 , which introduced fan-favorites like Krieg and Gaige after launch.

The rationale that Sage gives is that once people have their Borderlands character locked in, they’re not all that prone to use one of the new alternates. I presume that there’s some amount of data to back that up, and I am guessing that the ratio of how much work it takes to make a fully new character did not match up to how many people bothered to use and level that character in past games."

Now I will agree that they could change their minds but as of right now don’t expect any new vault hunters.

As far as the dedicated loot pools I still think it’s just another bug with the drop rates that might hopefully get fixed whenever they fix the rest of the stuff messed up in the last patch/update.

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That quote doesn’t appear to be directly from anyone from gearbox and more taken from someone else’s interpretation of an interview video after they watched it. As such I do not count it as a no in terms of new VH’s. One of the rampant problems today is people posting assumptions and others taking them as facts. Hence why I ignore such pieces. Based on what I have seen come directly from the mouth of people employed by gearbox I would say do not expect any new VH soon. We may see them 1-2 years from now after all the dust has settled to rekindle the fanbase of the game.

As for the dedicated loot pools. Based on feedback from people I think the real issue atm is that they are in fact glitched and not benefiting from mayhem modifiers causing the global pool to push them out of the way when mayhem mode is activated.

The Borderlands Show: Episode 1

at 48:36 they introduce Paul Sage Creative Director, Borderlands 3

at 1:19:19 is when the question about more vault hunters is asked and is discussed until about 1:20:50

3 Likes links directly to the question about whether there will be new Vault Hunters.

just wanted to say I’ve made a link to this topic in the Hotfox Official Topic

I’ve been killing Billy for over 4 hours straight now, and I finally got him to drop a class mod for moze!

Aaaand it’s a Rocketeer, because why should you find the item you’re looking for after half a workday.

These dedicated drops are the worst I’ve seen in any game I’ve played (be advised that doesn’t mean the worst ever to exist). If this were on a rare spawn, I would just accept the item wasn’t put in the game, as it may as well not be. As it stands, I’ll be stuck with the first raging bear I get, assuming that ever happens.

This is honestly just ridiculous, and it’s starting to put me off the idea of getting the dlc.


Yeah had the same experience with the trials, after 5 hours finally a class mod drops, i’m very tired but excited and thought finally at least some executor mod at my level … but the frustration came quickly … it only was some crap Amara Breaker mod … didn’t even pick up, shut down the console and gone sleeping.

Oh I btw. didn’t start up the console anymore for days now, I simply don’t see any reason for it anymore till the stuff wasn’t fixed and new DLCs with more content are here.


That’s about where I’m at now; at the very least, I’m not about to look and see what fl4k’s new class mod does. I’m not about to do this again, so I might as well treat all dedicated drops as if they were never coded in the first place.

I can’t work or do much else (including staying asleep for 8 hours) due to disability, so I’ve got about 18-20 hours to fill in any given day, and even I don’t have time for this.


Yeah, same here. I am currently on day number 2 farming the psycho billies and so far, they’ve dropped one Kaos rifle . I’m trying to get a fire and corrosive one but when it finally dropped one it was the same element (shock) that I already have. I’m not even going to talk about the Wick & Worty farm smh.

It is definitely sucking the fun out of playing this right now and really make me think I should not get the dlc.


Farming mayhem 4 is worse than normal mode back when annointed weapons dropped more frequently.

At this point in the game a nonannointed legendary is worse than a blue or purple annointed. This goes for everything, including shields and grenades.

This means that farming takes much longer to get annointed legendaries, even in Mayhem 4.

Gearbox, you decided to add annointments which now overpower legendaries, at least make it worth our time to farm.

Increase annointment rate.


Gigamind needs investigating. Dropped 6 zane mods in like 10 runs and a assortment of other VHS class mods

Edit: was far more rewarding than any "dedicated loot source " I’ve tried


For real tho GBX.

At least do an AMA so we know exactly what is going on with your decisions here. The Borderlands Show is too “gaming news” and not community oriented enough for us to have confidence in some of these weird decisions.


Heres what i think they did:

They removed most world drops from all bosses (except asmd, kraka, malaks etc . you know the ones).
Then they put in arbitrary “dedicated loot pools” at basically the same chance that you previously had for their world drops.

also /bump for a pretty good thread

Except multiple folks have reported getting both world drops and designated drops at the same time. The thing I’ve read most often is that the drop rate boosts from Mayhem level don’t apply to the designated drops. If true, that would seem like something worth reconsidering.

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That’s what I am sayin :slight_smile:


Billy the annoited dead over 80 times on M4, no Moze drop. Many others farmed such as the trial end boss for Zane and nothing there either.

After 100s of M4 Dedicated mob deaths via my sons and I, only a single Amara mod.

We are all growing tired of the hunt. At least in the past if one of us got one on Xbox we could dup them, but not this time. Good luck getting an annoited version you want unless you are on another platform or pay a website for one.


i cant even farm a dedicated drop from certain bosses to even get regular legendaries with annointments. I wanted a devils foursome with any decent annointment, so i farmed psychobillies on m4 and m3 for 4 hours. I got one devils foursome with no annointment which is worthless.

How much time should i spend? An annointed one may never drop.

There is no point anymore. The last thing this game needs is Gearbox being stingy with loot.


Yea, those ebay weapons are starting to look more and more appealing.

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Its a conspiracy!! The drop rates are low so the devs can make extra money selling stuff on ebay and the GBX can pretend they don’t have microtransactions!