Dedicated loot pools

When the developers announced they were thinking of implementing dedicated loot pools a thought lit up in my mind: if we can have loot pools bound to bosses why not bind them to areas too.
Instead of having a huge world drop pool there could be groups of legendaries tired to specific maps, like, dunno, maliwan smgs on Meridian outskirts, jakobs pistols on blacbarrel cellar and so on.

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The thought is nice, but I personally like to have world drops. This is something I loved from my days playing wow, grinding to get ( as an example) the extremely rare and well sought after, Freezing Band. There is something about grinding, grinding and grinding until you finally get what you want:) One of the reasons I like the slot machines also. Use a couple of millions and suddenly you get a legendary. Well, at least this is how it was in BL2. In BL3 the drop chance is waaaay better:)

I do think your ideá would be great for the Halloween event. Instead of having Terror on almost ALL the weapons in the whole world, just have it for the instance instead.

its have specific area drop for somegun . like brain gun I need to go farm megamind. and I run it close 40 time for got 1 of it.

Some bosses already have dedicated legendaries.
Graveyard has the ward shield, Aurelia the cold heart and so on.
The devs, tho, wanted to expand on it given the community’s feedback.