Dedicated loot sources

Ok, I thought I saw a list on this forum back a few months ago that listed all known loot sources at the time. I cannot seem to find it now. So, can someone start a thread that’s stickied here informing us of confirmed loot sources? I understand this is gonna be a lengthy process. I farmed for about 2 hours today on M4, gigamind for an hour and Athena Traunt the other hour. All I can report is that I got quite a few legendaries for that 2 hours but the only semi-consistency I saw was 2 handsome jackhammers from Gigamind as well as 2 Elementalist mods for Amara and then 2 Moxxi bouncing pairs from Traunt. Not exactly definitive proof of anything.
Any help or direction would be very much appreciated.
Edit: Joltz dropped a video pertaining to the Good JuJu dropping from Rampager but only on M4.
K6 uploaded the Cutsman and Saw Bar both dropping from Borman Nates, no M4 needed.