Deepest Secrets of the Cold War

When I was in normal mode with Wilhelm, one of the skills I was looking forward to using was Cold War. DOTs proc more often than most of us notice, so if Cold War could proc on any DOT, we could get a lot of free cryo. Unfortunately, this is not how Cold War actually works.

Cold War can only proc when a DOT procs on an enemy who does not already have a DOT in that element.

For example, if an enemy is already on fire, shooting them with a fire weapon will never proc Cold War (unless all active fire DOTs go out.) However, procing a shock or corrosive DOT on that same burning enemy will still have a chance to proc Cold War.

To make things even more complicated, DOTs from the skill Venom Bolts will never proc Cold War, but they will prevent other corrosive DOTs from procing Cold War.

This was only tested using single-element guns on the target dummies with only one player, so there could be more strange interactions waiting to be discovered.


Damn that sucks :frowning:

Guess I’ll never spec Cold War ever again.

It’s truly his most overrated skill. Escalation is way more useful.

However, Cold War can proc upon inflicting asphyxiation damage on enemies.
Makes fighting in vacuums with guns like Maggie even more of a blast!


Somehow I simultaneously agree AND disagree.
Personally I can’t imagine giving up those skills for anything.