Default Key Mapping

Hi everyone, I just installed and played my first three matches. It was fun and I look forward to more matches and giving some hopefully useful feedback.

One thing that leaped out right off the bat was the default key mapping. I would suggest changing the default to ‘Q-E-F’ instead ‘E-R-F’. The ‘R’ just felt too far away to be comfortable for a twitchy fast paced game like this.

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This was something I mentioned in my day one review. Q E F is much better and more ergonomically functional IMO.

I would almost prefer Q E R personally.

Personally, I feel like having R be your default ultimate button is a poor decision. I instinctively hit that to reload my weapon in an FPS.

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This. I adjusted after a bit, but I made that mistake multiple times, and can’t promise I wouldn’t in the future.

I was pressing ‘T’ constantly in battle causing me to pause, then die. I kept noticing opponents also pausing then dying. Often people would spam chat with ‘rrrwwwrwdadsdasdaweeereawd’. ‘T’ IS A TERRIBLE DEFAULT BUTTON for chat. It’s far too easy to press accidently