Defeat and victory animation/sound

Does anyone think there should be more exciting or intense animations/sounds for the victory and defeat sequences at the end of matches. I feel the build up to a match is so exciting, you battle it out, struggle to win or have a massive come back. BAM! you hit that cap score and then its just awkward silence, maybe a line from Nova.

Is it just me or does it feel something is missing in terms of BADASSERY after the match ends. Specially if you aren’t playing with people cheering, just feels weird to me.

( I understand this is super nit picky but Im loving battleborn and this is one tiny thing i found odd haha )


I agree. I thought it was an odd bug or something as I was expecting some kind of riff on the victory/defeat screen… but instead it is silent.

Also why are the players invisible in the end scene? I want to see heroes frozen mid victory swing. :slight_smile:

Agreed. Even if they just zoomed in on my character doing their taunt while it said Mission Accomplished! and a guitar riff thrown in, be better than “whoosh You won.”

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They improved Meltdown though, it was sooooooo bland during the CTT. I hope they add something like that to the rest.

Yep, I agree also. Show all of the characters that won doing a pose. Like all 5 of them doing “the movie walk”. Like when all the characters in guardian of the galaxy start walking toward the screen.

Yeah meltdown at least there is something focused on in the victory or defeat sequence. Definitely agree that other game modes should have similar outcomes or ending animation’s.

I love these suggestions haha, yeah i picture something similar to mission openings but at the end. The winning team could be exiting together or all posed together. Imagine having the e-sports matches and at the end of a match the game is just dead silent. Of course people would be cheering but wouldn’t it be complete with a badass animation or as you guys have mentioned a sick riff and awesome strut!

YES! sometimes it ends and your expecting to see your RATH mid swing or BENEDICT sky high but instead just see a battlefield untouched sometimes.

Yeah, this!

Please listen to the op. Agree.

Some riffs and cool character taunts. PLEASE