Defeating AI Felicity!

Help! Im stuck on Defeating this irritating AI, If I had another player to distract the Security bots while I fight her or vice versa. Pleaseee help.

Gamertag ; Otakuchxn
Character: Level 20 Athena

I can’t help you as I am on PS4 but how does your build look like? Got some Corrosive or Explosive guns?

Ive got a shotgun, pistol with explosive damage and no corrosive weapons. Nothing with high damage ive found so far has corrosive effects BUT my shield does when I do the body slam.

You may want to scavenge the nearby chests a few times and sell the contents (unless something is in there) and buy some strong corrosive or shock guns, especially shotguns from the vendors around this area or Concordia. Felicity is big enough to be hit by most if not all pellets. Torgue Shotguns are a great option. Corrosive or Shock Vladof grenades are pretty great as she doesn’t move around much.

[Try something like this for survival][1] if you haven’t already.
One point in Maelstrom can significantly increase your efficiency with all elemental guns (but primarily fire and shock). Shock shotguns (Hyperion are exceptionally good for this) or Vladof grenades for example are exceptionally good at generating Maelstrom stacks. Corrosive or Explosive guns can’t generate any but you could generate some with other shock guns or Vladof grenades instead.

Her minions should be a minor inconvenience like this so keep up the Aspis for as long as you can and if possible fire it at Felicity herself once it runs out for some good bonus damage. The bonus gun damage and health regeneration for keeping the Aspis up is more important however.
And good luck, Vanilla

Ill try that! My shotgun is the Inferon’d Boganella.