Defense field frigates?

What do the defense fields block (Hiigaran)? When my opponent uses them in pairs it seems to block everything, but if I focus the DFF some damage gets through. What exactly does it block? What gets through?

Also what does the Taiidan defense field block? It seems to block bullets, but does it have any affect on ions or missiles? What percentage of bullets does it block?

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Hiig DFF blocks a percentage of everything

Tai DFF blocks every projectile, shots fired inside the field are deviated.

DFF will block percentage of bullet projectiles and will not block RNG ie: ions etc…

i notice when i use dfg frigs with hgn, they tend to be a straight game changer, as @jake5 was in a game with me earlier today and witnessed me taking on all 3 players on the enemy team and killing majority of their forces with only maybe 5 ion frig losses and both dfg frigs being killed but immediately replaced :stuck_out_tongue:

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