Defense fighter bug

They shoot down allied propelled munitions also. That is all.


Alrighty then

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This sounds like a Homeworld issue, this is the off topic section.

If I was still a Regular, I would move it for you. *Glares @Kitty_Jo,

a mod might move it (or delete it if you found your way to the proper section)

Belongs in tech support.

@joekgbx @jeffybug Ping so that you can pass this along to the team. :slight_smile:

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You can’t shoot down bullets in HW2 and HWR since they are not real, so developers thought that was a good idea to have defense fighters to shoot down missiles instead, Its not a bad idea, because this engine will not work very well for shooting not even unguided rockets used as bullets, because of their travel speed is too fast for the weapon to target and fire, I have done it myself, the ships will always fire at projectiles that have already missed the target.

Forget this ^, I misread the OP.

You misinterpreted his post and missed the word “allied”. I did this initially and did a double take.

What he’s saying is that if your allies have missile corvettes and you have defense fighters involved in a battle, your defense fighters will shoot down your allies’ missiles.

Oh, sorry, I misread, thanks Stuart, I think this is going to be a tough issue to resolve.

Tech support? I said defense fighters were shooting allied munitions, not the game doesn’t load after updating my NIC drivers. I don’t think turning it off and back on is going to fix this.

Tech support is also being used as the bug reports forum because that’s how we roll.

There’s is a joke in here about Helpdesk guys making code changes, but I’ll let that one go.

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