Defunt email. Unable to change password/email

Hi guys!

I submitted a ticket regarding this issue but nobody responds :frowning: so I came here kind of last resort…

My SHIFT/Gearbox account has a very old and 100% defunct email associated with it. I am accessing the account association “services” because I can log in through Steam or Epic, but I would like to change my email to the current one (the real one), and my password too (the old one is so OLD that I am unable to remember.

Any… help? Because the ticket submission seems to be equally defunct…

Best regards everyone <3 !


Still waiting, 2 days.

"Hey ********,

Thanks for writing in, we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!

Please be aware that response time may be slightly longer around US national holidays.

In the meantime, you may also try our support forum, as our community may be able to offer some insight:


Gearbox Software Support"

I have the same problem, been waiting a week since I’ve heard from Gearbox. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.

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I am also having the same issues no idea what my password is for both shift and my email that I haven’t used in years lol I have been waiting almost 4 days now this is ridiculous I want to play and earn stuff but this is annoying

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Email back needs these items. This could be streamlined alittle?

  • Your current SHiFT email (if applicable):
  • The new email you would like to use:
  • Your SHiFT Support ID (you can find this on the SHiFT code input menu, please press “Y/Triangle/F1” via Borderlands 2, or The Pre-Sequel or click the Left Thumb-Stick in/“I” key via Borderlands 3):
  • Your Gamertag/PSN ID/Epic ID:
  • The Platform you’re playing on:

Edit: also need to install borderlands 2 to get my “shift support id” apparently.

I know this is unrelated, but I just had to mention this; the 2K support site says your SHiFT Support ID is under Options>Extras. Options and Extras are TWO SEPARATE THINGS IN BORDERLANDS 2, AND EXTRAS DON’T EVEN EXIST IN BORDERLANDS 3!!! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage: but thanks to you, I was able to figure out where it ACTUALLY is.

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I am having the same issue. The same email was sent to me also. Doesnt look good…lol smh

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Same issue. Can’t get any of my pre-order rewards. Worried I might not get the dlc I already paid for.

Some response from Gearbox would be nice.

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J’ai le même problème adresse mail plus accessible et je veux là changer comment faire? Merci d’avance

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Got a reply back on the 22nd

"Hello there,

Thank you for getting back to us, and with all the needed information too!

With all this I was able to send your ticket so that our office CL4P-TPs can process your issue! In the mean time, do enjoy being a badass on Pandora, we will be in touch soon!

If there’s anything else, please let us know."

Still waiting.

Edit: After 10 days I sent an email replying to them, asking if there was anything else I could do. Within an hour I got a password reset email with my new email linked up.