Deistributed Denial Forgotten

I really wish Gearbox would remember DD exists when adding new shields. I like to run DD with the caffeine shield since DD doubles its effect and it’s very easy to keep barrier active permanently and keep your shields full with CCC.

So since the new Super Soldier shield works somewhat similarly I thought it might not be too much of a stretch that it would also have its effects doubled by DD. Have not tested extensively but as far as I can tell from trying it it sadly does not. I feel like this is a massive lost opportunity to give DD a stronger niche but alas I think Gearbox has just given up on the skill.

Has anybody tested any of the other new shields with DD? Even if it works I don’t see it accomplishing much with the Re-Volter, and I don’t have an Infernal Wish yet to test that, though my hopes are very low that it would work. Still if anyone has an Infernal Wish and wouldn’t mind testing I’d be interested in the results.

Gearbox doesn’t care anymore about anything anymore since the game is now finished they are just patching up last bit of work. Many of things are still not properly addressed like Distributed Denial. Seriously someone at their development team thought about this skill, created it and then never put any work in it.

Dude they are not even trying anymore, have you seen Zane new class mod “Critical Mass” its utter CR4P. They put together skills that don’t synerize at all and made a mechanic that just reloads your gun. Thats all it does, if it gave free ammo and had some skills that synergize together then it would have been somewhat useful. It should have some of these skill Headman’s Hand, Renegade, Sheer Will, Eraser, Playing Dirty, Brain freeze etc, each of these skills need critical hits to work which would synergize with class mod mechanic thats how you choose them.

Zane Techspert class mod is also shi7, it should have allowed us to reload drones air strike augment on certain number of kills like 10 or 15, or it should boost drones fire rate and damage by some good amount but instead it just does something that Zane can already do with his skills. The skills on this class mod are good but the mechanic is utter garbage.

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