Delay release, rework entire game

This is just my opinion.

This game has so many fatal flaws that will cause an endless amount of frustration and ultimately will cause a lot of the player base to abandon it. Although, the game has gem qualities that we see reflected from other gearbox titles such as Borderlands, the game itself has too many areas for players to get stuck and forced to disconnect from the game. The characters are mostly unbalanced and the “competitive” arenas are poorly designed from a competitive stance.

The Versus maps look like they were thrown together without much forethought on how players will interact with the environment and how they will exploit the mechanics to achieve victory. It seems like there was a basic design plan and that it was taken extremely literally instead of as an abstract concept that was used to design something interesting and balanced for a competition environment.

The Story Mode’s “baddies” have their power scales skewed and some of them are extremely powerful or resistant while others are laughably weak.

The Bosses are terrible, not rewarding, tedious, and ISIC literally cheats.

The loot drops are often difficult to recover, especially in the Boss fights like ISIC and when the Conservator sends you to the alternate dimension, it’s almost impossible to recover loot drops before you are teleported back. I have lost loot boxes from both of these and that is extremely frustrating.

I am convinced this game will not achieve the exceptional quality of it’s potential for another 6 to 12 months.

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when you said isic cheats you lost me.

isic is such a cake walk

now spider king he is the hardest boss so far.

I’m inclined to agree. I wanted to pre-order but there’s just too much not sitting right with me. That, and I’m concerned about the community this game will attract. I’m the first to put my hand up and admit to being a casual that isn’t the best/relatively new with PvP so I’d rather sit back and see how the online community grows before making any decisions.

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ISIC can knock you off the map to instant death, melee characters have the most struggle with the fight. I was playing with a Rath that kept getting knocked around and dying because it was impossible to hit ISIC.

Geoff? Is incredibly simply. Stand directly in front of him and shoot him in the eye. When he gets his upgrades you can run to each pad and activate it, you can also get the overshield if you are having trouble with taking damage. Geoff is stupid easy.

ISIC in his first form is insanely easy and boring, its just tedious. When he hits his second form, if you play solo, he will knock you out of the map and you die instantly.

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I agree that ISIC is a tedious boss and almost impossible for melee. Also agree that Incursion snowballs too easily. However I have confidence in GBX to make the changes needed in time for retail release. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see?

try spider King on advance with 5 players, and then if you get the trigger even (its not every time) where he spawns a massive amounts of spider babies you will get overwhelmed fast.

good times

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It honestly sounds like you’re making things soudn worse than they really are.
Well, I give you the ISIC boss fight for melee characters, but that will probably be patched.
Besides, the game went gold already, and I assume that they are now in the stage of being pressed already.



I think gearbox will stay devoted to this game if we match their enthusiasm and any problems that we voice will get looked at so I am willing to work with them as they rework it. In the two weeks that they have before release i think they will do a lot to improve some of the big issues we are voicing and I can not wait to play the full game.


I would have to disagree with a good majority of the OP’s post. The condition of the game is far better than what I was expecting it to be for a beta. Every game will have glitches and exploits, but what makes the game good (and the company that makes it) is how quickly they can fix and remedy these said issues. I cannot think of a single PS4 game that I have played that does not have some glitch or issue somewhere post release.

Gearbox software has quite a bit of data to sort through and issues to patch up, they have 2 weeks to accomplish this. I have faith they will do their absolute best to fix as much as possible, while continuing to take in more feedback. In their current status, delaying the release would cost them a good chunk of money. Unless you will pay all of those costs for them to rework the game, just sit back and hope for the best.

I played through the 2 story modes multiple times solo/partied with multiple different characters (including beating algorithm with Rath solo) and never had an issue. Melee characters do have a challenge there yes, but I remember far more difficult endeavors in other games (Battletoads NES anyone?).

PVP modes do need a little bit of polishing with some of the exploits found, but nothing was “game breaking”. For all the matches I played to get to character rank 100 during the beta, I very very rarely dealt with the exploit. Thrall spam was far more of an annoyance than a Marquis glitching the first sentry.

Everyone keep posting the issues you found in the beta and Gearbox will surely get it fixed. Help them fix the issues and I’m sure we’ll have a great game at launch.

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They said it went gold a month ago. So that’s an impossibility right from that.

Effective feedback should be specific, actionable, and balanced (knowing what works in addition to what doesn’t is important). It’s cool that the OP is passionate about the game, but this doesn’t strike me as particularly helpful in making Battleborn better.

While the OP is rather pessimistic, IMO the points they bring up are all valid.

I like this one in particular which hasn’t really been touched on:

IMO the sniper/ninja bots and the last boss on episode 2 are the only real challenge in PvE so far. The rest of them, including all the other bosses, are a cakewalk (apart from ISIC as a melee, which is more trolling than an actual challenge).

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Didn’t mean to imply they weren’t, but there are also a lot of sweeping generalizations like “characters are mostly unbalanced” or “arenas poorly designed” that aren’t especially useful.

I was just about to mention this. It was crazy fun. We had to hunker down in the corner away from the goddamn electric turrets. Had people clearing spider babies and bots, healers, and I was thorn sniping at the electric turrets and eventually geoff, uhm, arachnis himself.

A lot of effort goes into making a game and in today’s world success doesn’t have to be measured with how many copies of the game you sell but how the long the game lasts after release, particularly this type of game.

People seem to just buy the next thing regardless of craftsmanship.

That being said, I don’t think this game is terrible, I just think it needs to be reworked and some of the more serious design flaws need to be worked out before release or it will receive a lot of bad publicity because of it. This is not as much of a premonition as it is looking at past games including Betas I have experienced that didn’t achieve their true potential until years after the release when the community had very much moved on.

Sure, you will always have some hardcore devotees that will keep playing through the obvious flaws and still find enjoyment in the game. I am not saying the game isn’t a good one, I am saying there are just too many glaring issues.

One great game, that never seemed to fly was Secret Ponchos. It had a great community and was a great game but glaring issues such as the problems with matchmaking were very detracting and a lot of people left a few months after launch.

Destiny was another one. I played the Beta and there was a lot of hype about what was going to be in the game and how the game seemed to play to only find out there were many, many issues that drove a lot of the fan base to different games. Especially right after the launch of The Dark Below DLC. I had made comments about many of the issues that were ignored and even though the IP can be considered ultra successful, the facts are that the game itself wasn’t that great and even at times flat out bad.

Diablo 3 was another. I was active in those forums too and was trying to push for a game that was more akin to Diablo 2. There was a lot of bad publicity about Diablo 3 after launch especially because the game was broken right out of the box. It didn’t mean that Diablo 3 wasn’t successful in sale but it does mean that it wasn’t meeting its potential. In fact, many people quit playing and never looked back because of how bad Diablo 3 was… It doesn’t mean that it didn’t have hardcore fans.

If we look at history we can see what games we should look at as an ideal model. Tag, Hide and Seek, and Tic-Tac-Toe are all iconic games with legendary success because of not only their simplicity but the fact that anyone can enjoy it without much issue. Plus it can be modified for your experience.

The fact is, also, we live in an age of poor quality. People preorder instead of waiting for any real review by actually players of the game. Often too, “bad” comments are often suppressed and buried so that you only see people gushing over the game and many of them are probably paid reviews to make the game seem better.

Everyone knows Borderlands, it’s a great game with great mechanics and a fun story line. Borderlands 2 expanded on it and it was just as fun and interesting. People are probably buying this game on just that fact alone and many people just buy the next new thing and for moba players, many want to experience a variety of moba ideas and see what feels right to them. Luckily, most moba games can be played for free.

The thing is, with this game, it has a lot of potential… but like most games made in the past 10 years it takes a lot of effort by both the community and developers to really polish the game. You just don’t see a lot of games that have been made to play as well as possible out of the box because we have the more recent ability to update, expand, and change the game over time.

I will probably revisit this game in a couple of months to see how it has evolved but truth be told, most games just don’t last very long unless the developers make the game reasonably accessible to everyone. The story mode of this game does that well but it has moments where it can be unreasonably frustrating and will make people just move on.

As far as “Advanced Mode” it has always been locked for me for some reason.


That’s just something that’s going to happen at this point, it’s inevitable when things get popular that meeting the heightened demand isn’t going to happen by focusing strictly on making your stuff better, you’re going to lose money while the frothing masses wait impatiently…if it doesn’t turn out you’re just a fad and you lose any money you could have gotten by just pouring stuff out then. Developers are using their ability to update online at its fullest such that the classical meanings of the phases of game developments have rather eroded. Even with the few early access games that I’ve played which I felt went about it pretty well, it seemed to me the most frequent feedback for them tended to be somewhere along the lines of “Hurry the ■■■■ up”, to varying degrees of politeness.

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They have already delayed the release of Battleborn once, it was originally intended for April but got shifted to May… I think mainly because they want to debut it at PAX.

I think an extra delay wouldn’t be a bad thing, however, a lot can be done in 2 weeks I assume?.. I’m just thinking what the size of the download install will be at this stage, and how many bug fix installation upgrades will come after that… Better have a good internet package!

Originally intended to release in February, not April. :< but yeah, more delays would be bad.

I hope they can get everything (or most things) done and fixed in the 2 weeks they have before launch.

Balancing is so easy, I’m sure they can do that instantly. Reworking map layouts (Incursion) and other things might take up the 2 weeks though.

Oh yes, February! My bad… I remember now, as I wanted it for my birthday, haha.