Delayed to 4th may?

I just received an E-Mail from Amazon, that the delivery for Battleborn was delayed to the 4th of may 2016.
Ps4, btw.

Is this a mistake or is it really delayed?

It’s not a mistake, unfortunatly the game release has been delayed until May 3rd

Yup. The game was delayed. Well, I think that’s good if it means more polished game!

It is best for GBX to delay the release of Battleborn, to ensure that the end product is both polished and stable. This is especially true, since Battleborn is a brand new franchise for GBX. It would be counterproductive for GBX to prematurely release an unpolished game and then have play catch up with patches. That would only leave a bad taste in the mouths of gamers.

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Agreed :smile:

As long as the games good! Only played a few games so far but I am hooked.